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The dott. Castelfranchi illustrates the subcutaneous tension wires, new generation techniques that are neither traumatic nor painful

More and more often today we hear of tension wires in the face, as an alternative to the old surgical facelift. The treatment involves the insertion, without the need for incisions and in the outpatient setting, through tiny needles, resorbable and biostimulative threads that, on the one hand, guarantee the lifting and the support of the relaxed tissues, with a soft lifting effect, and on the other hand, they stimulate the rejuvenation and firming of the skin through the proliferation of new collagen. Dr. Carlo Castelfranchi, Surgeon, Specialist in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Rome.

Dr. Castelfranchi what is the function of the resorbable and bio stimulating threads?

Their function is to counteract sagging skin and reposition soft tissues upward, reshaping and restoring tone, elasticity and brightness even to those parts of the face considered difficult to treat.

What advantages does this treatment offer?

This innovative technique allows to obtain excellent results, natural and progressive over time without being traumatic or painful: it causes an immediate lifting effect, promotes the production of endogenous collagen and stimulates skin rejuvenation. The major benefits derive, however, from the fact of being a non-surgical, minimally invasive, painless technique, which instantly manifests its benefits and does not hamper the immediate resumption of the patient’s normal daily activities.

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By Roberta Imbimbo


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