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President Daniel Maurice Lanaro talks to us about innovative Data Analytics and Cognitive Computing solutions useful for understanding “complex data constellations”

President, four years ago was born Integris, what were the reasons that led you to found this company?

The idea has its roots in the exponential growth of the amount of data available on the web. The immense amount of data left immediately to understand the enormous potential of information that could be hidden. The challenge was to unveil them and make them usable to create value through a virtuous process of industrialization. In all these years, thanks also to the constant collaboration with excellence research centers (University of Pisa, Scuola Normale di Pisa, IMT of Lucca, Sant’Anna School of Pisa, Unical, ICAR-CNR), Integris has produced IT solutions ” innovative and effective “that meet the needs of its customers.

How does Integris pursue its strategic objectives?

Our strategy is oriented towards three main fronts: Cognitive Computing (Sentiment Analysis, Opinion Monitoring, Brand Reputation, Document Classification and Information Extraction), Data Analytics and IT Services provided through highly qualified professionals. Solutions that allow you to “measure” the degree of customer satisfaction and their opinions with respect to a product / service, analyzing what customers themselves show on social networks, blogs and forums. In the CRM field, tasks of recognition of sentiment and of the topic under discussion are carried out. Finally, in the “Data Analytics” area, Integris develops a broad spectrum of descriptive and predictive analytical solutions. The skills and the design experience Integris have allowed to develop a highly innovative proprietary platform, called “Explora ™” (Speech, Text and Data), which in recent years has been adopted by some of the most important Italian companies in the sectors of telecommunications, transport, postal services, energy, banks and insurance, services to citizens, IT services and many others.

What are your company’s future development plans?

By our nature we are always striving for innovation, so we invest annually about 10% of the company’s turnover in Research and Development, carrying out projects in collaboration with the academic world and with the main producers of technologies. Recognizing the technological trends and combining them with the needs coming from the market, we realize the solutions of “tomorrow” continuing to increase our presence in the Italian market.

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