The value of reputation in the digital age


Interview with Domenico Bocchetti, CEO of Area Imprese Network …

To be a successful entrepreneur one of the key points on which it is worth investing is undoubtedly communication. A good entrepreneur is first and foremost an excellent communicator, to transfer his “credibility” to an audience of potential and actual clients, and to weave a series of relationships with partners and competitors on the market.

So here is a new philosophy: that of the ideal manager, the leader able to filter news, make assessments and check their efficiency. Quality even more necessary in the age of social networks, in which it has become crucial to monitor and verify what the network says about a particular company or a particular brand. “The Internet tool does not guarantee the transparency and concreteness of the information, which therefore require an objective” certification “because the provenance is increasingly complex to be ascertained”, Domenico Bocchetti, CEO of the Area Imprese Network, asserts in no uncertain terms.

“And so to protect the economic initiatives and their protagonists are born new professional figures who have a key role in on and offline communication: the” reputation managers “, able to safeguard, build and sometimes even manipulate the sources. Never before has reputation management been of fundamental importance to an entrepreneur. In the virtual context, in fact, fake news – false information with which we try to shape the perception and general understanding of user events – circulate at a surprising speed, risking to cancel any defense against possible crises. The sharing of news – which directs tastes and alter the market and its conditions – often feeds the shock wave that does not provide for an immediate confrontation “. “To those who have damaged an opinion?”, Bocchetti asks insistently, “How could a good communication strategy have avoided overflow if not even allowed the acquisition of economic spaces?” A good public projection produces a competitive, solid and lasting advantage: for an effective reputation management an overall and conscious communication strategy is required. “It is the system of those who, more than knowing how to produce, are particularly devoted to knowing how to sell. A strategy comparable to advertising performance with the same goals to be pursued such as to configure a real “place”, an intangible asset to be “capitalized”, although not yet codified. The “storytelling” built in the company until now had done without those specialists who became indispensable with digitalization. It is the era of influencers and digital! When the return to the real economy? To the tangibility of a well-made product? “.

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