Antonio Moccia, stories of Campania excellence


Ambassador in the world of “sustainable beauty” philosophy

Even in Italy the general attention to a “cruelty free” lifestyle has increased. A recent market survey has, in fact, found that even the world of beauty records a significant increase in people who choose sustainable products. Among the beauty salons that adopt products that are friendly to the environment there is Antonio Moccia, well-known hairstylist of S. Giovanni a Teduccio (Naples), who has made the “sustainable beauty” a real company and life philosophy.

Antonio Moccia, what does this new concept of beauty consist of?

My ethics of beauty consists in welcoming, listening to the needs of my clients loving their hair. It is a great responsibility that I have towards people, I am aware of it, and for this reason, in the exercise of my profession, I try to pay the utmost attention, because quality is an added value. A behaviour, my, responsible and sustainable. By fully embracing this philosophy, I pursue excellence, I work to generate good life and choose products in line with my values, in order to guarantee maximum safety to our customers, entrusting me exclusively to our made in Italy Davines, where beauty and sustainability generate value.

We speak of your artistic expressions, your style, where simplicity, harmony and good taste are the masters. How do you define it?

I like to consider myself a craftsman, a haircolorist with a great wealth of skills acquired in the field of color, cut and styling. The coloring service requires creativity, personalization, emotions and the use of an instrument that guarantees the health and well-being of the hair. My top works in permanent coloring are Flamboyage and Degradè, techniques that allow me to create hair with intense, luminous and vibrant colors. Thanks to my experience, which blends with fashion and philosophy, I always associate the colors with glamor cuts, from the short to the generous lengths lightened up to the vertical cut. Metaphorically speaking, “the secret is not to run after butterflies but to take care of the garden so that they come to you”: in other words, thanks to an exclusive, competent, reliable and courteous environment, customers come from everywhere in my salon.

You are a great master of art very tied to her territory. A difficult territory, too often a symbol of social decay, but which sometimes also tell a stories of success and excellence.

Especially in difficult and problematic contexts, we need to discover and enhance those unique stories that, even silently, are able to make an otherwise desolate landscape shine.

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