Masseria Casella, breathtaking location for memorable events


“Il Magnifico Don Sabatino” for a genuine and refined cuisine, inspired by the traditions of the territory

An ancient residence, immersed in an oasis of greenery and tranquillity, capable of creating timeless evocative atmospheres: Masseria Casella is the ideal location for exclusive and refined receptions. Completely immersed in breath taking natural scenery, in the heart of the Piana del Sele, between Salerno and Paestum, this enchanting structure offers unforgettable scenery, scents and intense colors in every season. In spring the ancient plane trees resume vigor filling up with green leaves that welcome the nests of wonderful birds; in autumn the foliage enchants with incomparable nuances while, during the winter, the sparkle of soft lights evokes warmth, creating a unique and romantic atmosphere. “The triumph of nature and the charm of the lush vegetation gratify the spirit by introducing the guest into an atmosphere of rare well-being”, asserts in no uncertain terms Simona Capece, who for years managed this elegant and welcoming structure brilliantly, not neglecting the activity of scientific and educational research.

Dr. Capece, why is Masseria Casella so special?

It is a place where time seems to stop, it will be for the energy of plants or perhaps for the simple but at the same time refined essence that emanates from every single corner of the Masseria. Our experience, the professionalism of a highly qualified team and the suggestiveness of an unrivaled location allow us to give a unique and special flavor to every single event. La Casella is also a place of culture, events, music and conferences, where thoughts, actions and the will of cultural exchange are interwoven at all levels.

The restaurant “Il Magnifico Don Sabatino” and the bistro “‘O Munaciello” are considered two excellences of the territory: what is the inspiration behind the Casella kitchen?

Casket of flavors and aromas linked to our age-old tradition, our dishes are made with genuine raw materials, strictly grown in our garden in full respect of the seasonality of the products. Refinement, genuineness and unmistakable flavors are qualities enhanced by the creativity and mastery of proven chefs, able to satisfy every need, guaranteeing our guests unique products for quality and presentation.

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