Siciliainbocca, the great Sicilian cuisine in the heart of Rome


An ancient culinary tradition handed down from generation to generation …

The gastronomic scenario of the Siciliainbocca Restaurant is an authentic journey through the flavors, colors and aromas typical of Sicilian cuisine: a symphony of sensations designed specifically to involve every sense and to give an experience full of unique emotions. Strictly prepared with excellent raw materials and processed by the expert hands of expert chefs, the dishes of the local give an explosion of taste and imagination in every season, reinterpreting in a light and tantalizing key a tradition handed down from father to son. Founded in 1999 by the passion and wisdom of Enzo Certo, a Sicilian businessman who moved to Rome and his wife, Sicilian D.O.C. this warm and welcoming restaurant since 2005 is managed in a brilliant way by the sisters Vanessa and Azzurra Certo and their mother Paolina Cozzo; three cheerful and friendly women, always attentive to the quality of the dishes, the choice of wines to match with each dish and the original and comfortable atmosphere of the Sicilian style. “Our menus are the result of a strong territorial belonging, a careful selection of quality raw materials and ancient recipes of the past, handed down to us by our grandparents; recipes of the typically Sicilian tradition, reinterpreted in a modern way with great creativity and lots of imagination “, asserts Vanessa. Strategically set in the heart of the historic center of Rome, the restaurant is composed of three warm and welcoming environments – one of which in the summer turns into a secret garden – ideal for business lunches, romantic dinners or to celebrate a memorable event.

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