Caseificio Ruocco, a cheese tradition of excellence for three generations


Made in Agerola conquers foreign niche markets

A story made of ancient family traditions and genuine flavours: since 1960 the Cheese Factory Ruocco produces with passion and commitment cheeses of excellent quality obtained using only carefully selected and guaranteed raw materials. Ambassador abroad of a cheese tradition of excellence, was founded in the distant 1960 by Matteo Ruocco; nowadays in the third generation, it is able to offer its niche clientele prestigious, fresh and seasoned products, with high nutritional properties, obtained by traditional working methods, mostly performed manually: fiordilatte, smoked provola, bocconcini, trecce, caciocavalli, ricotta and the provolone del monaco certified Dop . Gourmet chests with an unparalleled flavor, made only from the best milk, harvested from local farms where the presence of the Agerolian cow is still substantial. The excellence of these products is, therefore, linked to the experience gained by the Ruocco family in the dairy sector and its ability to produce artisanal products able to amaze even the most demanding palates. When quality, typicality and tradition are combined with sustainability, accessibility and transparency, the results can only be extraordinary! And in fact, even today, 60 years after its debut, this all-Campania brand is able to impose its leadership on the reference market, distinguishing itself from its competitors for the high precision with which each processing step is performed.

The milk is collected twice a day – morning and evening – and as many times coagulation is done. The fermentation takes place naturally for about 12 hours. The fiordilatte is produced from midnight until about six in the morning, while the provolone of the monk Dop (Protected designation of origin).

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