Ben-Essere Flegreo: the new philosophy of beauty!


Health programs designed ad hoc by a team of qualified professionals

Strategically located in the heart of Pozzuoli, a territory rich in history, legends and landscape beauties without equal, Ben-Essere Flegreo is a modern multi-purpose center able to satisfy every wellness request of its guests in a highly professional and qualified manner. A “philosophy of wellness at 360 degrees” born with the intent to enhance the external beauty through the inner health and care of the body of each person. And so crossing the threshold of the door of Via Giacinto Diano, a group of professionals welcomes its customers in a warm and welcoming place, away from the stressful rhythms of everyday life, to guide them to the recovery of physical fitness and good humor, through a busy schedule and customized. From the most modern treatments carried out with latest generation technologies useful for reshaping the silhouette, passing through the fitness area under the careful guidance of a specialized trainer and ending with an adequate nutritionist model that takes care the physiological needs of each individual: “health, wellness and beauty must always travel on the same track “asserts with emphasis Alessandro Di Martino, owner of Ben-Essere Flegreo and creator of this innovative philosophy.

Alessandro Di Martino, what are the strengths of the Center?

First of all, the professionalism and experience of a highly qualified and experienced staff, able to offer a complete service, in an elegant and comfortable environment. By following the targeted programs and studied ad hoc on the needs of the individual person it is possible to obtain optimal benefits and results without too much effort. Acting simultaneously on three fronts – in the same day you can combine a fitness workout with a personalized treatment session – and continuously monitoring the results achieved, our professionals are able to speed up the recovery time of a perfect physical shape.

In addition to the fitness area, where you can stimulate the metabolism and increase the caloric expenditure to stimulate weight loss, the highlight of your Center is the Department of Aesthetics directed by Deborah Lauria.

A small oasis able to satisfy any customer’s needs and at the same time to give moments of absolute relaxation, this area is useful to intensify the effects of training in the gym, assisting the body weight loss and psychophysical balance processes. Thanks also to the latest generation technologies, it is possible to receive many personalized treatments useful for reshaping the silhouette, contrasting the localized adiposity, water retention and the absence of tonicity. The nutritional programs of “remise en forme” of our specialists are a real cure for health and our mood!

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