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Gaetano Lo Presti

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The last frontiers of the digital era…

Founded in 2015 as a start-up in Italy to develop integrated and innovative solutions in data organization, pragma etimos is a latest Data House Agency generation with over 30 years of specialization in data-classification. Gaetano Lo Presti, CEO of the company, during this interview, argues in no uncertain terms that “Today, artificial intelligence allows us to use more and more innovative devices (IOT) to collect data, but at the same time we also need greater heuristic intelligence to have a better awareness of the data collected…”

by Roberta Imbimbo

Dr. Lo Presti, Pragma Etimos is a society in continuous evolution and its mission is to create a language that is usable to all users. How has it been able to differentiate itself on the reference market for years?

One premise seems necessary. If in 2000 three quarters of the information available was on paper and only a quarter in electronic format, today in the era of social, Google, smartphones, this relationship is sharply reversed: Suffice it to say that in 2016 alone more digital data were produced than the man had collected since the beginning of the writing to 2015. However, much of this data was found to be unstructured and uneven, because it was stored and stored in company systems (RDBMS, bigdata) without any precise scheme. Pragma etimos was the first company to understand the need for a Digital Filter, a set of solutions that allow you to refine the Data and make them structured, achieving at the same time greater efficiency and quality of the same, a decrease in collection time, processing and analysis of information.

Thanks to the strategic partnership signed with Cloud4wi – international leader in the segment of location based customer insights – pragma etimos managed to enter 360 degrees in the game of data capturing & data quality, allowing small companies, medium and large to make strategic business decisions, supported by the AI’s help.

Why was the partnership with Cloud4wi so strategic?

Cloud4Wi is a strategic partner especially for the international market. With their cloud solution Software as a Service (saas) provide location-based customer insights” to international brands in over 150 countries. Cloud4Wi extracts something like 10B of data per month in over 60,000 locations; leveraging through Wi-Fi has activated over 150 million users by offering a digital experience of relief also virtuously acting as a bridge between the offline and online worlds of brands. Pragma Etimos can certainly contribute significantly to ensure that data is classified, standardised and validated for brand marketing.

You love to call yourselves digital miners. Why?

The idea stems from the current need of companies operating in the field of innovation, who find it difficult to find specialized resources to graft into their own staff: among the most requested IT profiles today stand out the Big Data Expert, Data scientists, IT Security specialists, App Developers and multichannel architects. One of our priority objectives is therefore to disseminate as much as possible, thanks also to agreements with major universities, an innovative culture that helps to train new professional figures, able to analyse and manage large amounts of data.


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