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Multifunctional Center S. Lucia: a great business project for the relaunch of Casalnuovo

Yet another success signed Serena Errico Costruzioni S.r.l.

A long and solid experience gained in the construction field and the continuous search for highly innovative solutions: these are the pillars on which Serena Errico Costruzioni Generali Srl is based, a Casalnuovo company that has managed to impose its leadership in recent years on the reference market, significantly increasing its customer base, thanks to the quality of services offered by a highly qualified team. To tell us the story of this successful Campania brand is Serena Errico, founding partner and A.U. of the Company as well as Founder and President of the “Cassiopea” association Creative Forum Center for Cultural Studies and Initiatives and in 2013 winner of the “AICAST” career award.

by Roberta Imbimbo

Dr. Errico, can you tell us the story of this important Campania brand?

Ours, before being the story of a successful company, is the story of a family with an immense passion for construction. Serena Errico Costruzioni Generali Srl, in fact, was born from the desire to follow up on the entrepreneurial activity undertaken by my father Pasquale Errico back in 1956. His working career began as a bricklayer, doing small jobs outside the area, in cities such as Florence, Modena and Pisa. But over time, thanks to his inventiveness and perseverance, despite countless sacrifices, he managed to grow professionally to the point of being able to establish an emerging company both in the new construction sector and in that of building renovations. Over the years, this important family-run company (which over time has changed several company names up to the current one administered by me) has grown and consolidated both in the residential sector and in the industrial and commercial sector. A non-random growth, the result of accurate and effective managerial management, which has led the company to independently manage every phase of its business, from the purchase of the land to the turnkey delivery of the property.

How have you managed to impose your leadership by conquering important market niches?

Since its establishment, our company has paid the utmost attention to the quality of services, to the innovations of materials for building constructions, to the news regarding safety in the building sector and to the continuous training of its staff (aware that investing in all this means look to the future with confidence). All this has allowed us in all these years to greatly increase our customer base, fascinated by cutting-edge proposals and services made with the utmost professionalism, quality, accuracy and respect for delivery times. Today, thanks to the consolidated experience gained in the sector and continuous technological updating, Serena Errico Costruzioni Generali s.r.l. is able to meticulously follow all the aspects and phases of the realization of the works, which are managed and followed internally using highly qualified personnel. From the design to the construction of the property or its renovation, our company is a functional combination of reliability, competence and foresight, the most suitable answer for those looking for building solutions with high architectural and technological value. In short, to put it in a drink, a quality reality with an all-Campania heart.

Do you want to talk about your latest business project?

Strategically located in a central area of ​​Casalnuovo di Napoli, on a main artery full of services and public facilities, the Santa Lucia Gallery was born from an important business project, aimed at relaunching a territory to which I am particularly fond. Aware that a place populated by businesses is a lively territory that regenerates its potential, I have in fact embraced the project to redevelop an old historic building, previously used as a cinema, and which will now be destined not only to host several showrooms and points of sale , but also and above all to become a welcoming meeting point, where you can spend pleasant moments of leisure. The new structure, with a highly innovative and elegant architectural design, with walls entirely made of glass, boasts a total area of ​​1,004 square meters divided into three different areas. The ground floor, dedicated to highly appealing commercial activities and modern distribution, will host numerous successful brands, of which the reference market is lacking today; some spaces will be dedicated to collective private services such as bars / tobacconists, street food and a baby-parking area. The first floor will host both private and personal services in the beauty care and health care sector as well as consulting offices and professional activities. The highlight of the property will be the last floor that, thanks to a wonderful terrace, will become a place of strong attraction, intended for catering and entertainment services, such as lounge bars and wineries. In short, the Gallery will become an important aggregation center, able to change the fate of the entire production and economic system of this area.

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