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Dynamic fillers and the last frontiers of Aesthetic Surgery
Stage of Aesthetic Medicine: a 2020 rich of highly qualified courses

Thanks to technological progress and scientific research, today the medicine and cosmetic surgery have evolved and refined to ensure extraordinarily natural results, that do not alter facial features and that do not refer to stereotyped models – swollen lips, marked cheekbones, overtly stubborn breasts – so as to enhance and not to depersonalize the beauty of every woman. To illustrate the very last frontiers in this matter is Prof. Dott. Giuseppe Sito, Scientific Director of the Masters in Aesthetic Medicine of the Pegasus University; who obtained the Diploma in Aesthetic Surgery at the Socité de Surgery esthetique in Paris.
by Roberta imbimbo

Prof. Dr. On the subject of facial rejuvenation, today more experienced surgeons tend to reserve the scalpel only for extreme cases, not otherwise solvable. Do you marry this philosophy of work?
No way, no way. Women today demand an aesthetic result that is as natural as possible; their greatest fear, when they think of undergoing medical treatment or cosmetic surgery, is in fact to obtain unnatural and excessive results compared to their expectations. The progress of recent years in this field, however, has been remarkable: the password today is mini-invasiveness!
In terms of facial rejuvenation, for example, thanks to a new hyaluronic acid formulation, the dynamic filler, it is possible to obtain extraordinary results without distorting the facial features. Unlike traditional fillers – which are very rigid“” – the main characteristic of these fillers of the latest generation is, in fact, the ability to integrate perfectly in the different anatomical areas, without altering or conditioning them in any way. They are, in essence, natural and biocompatible substances, completely absorbable, which do not involve allergic reactions or other complications and which guarantee reversible effects (precisely for this time-limited effect, the treatments must be repeated every 7/8 months).

Is this a painful treatment?
Not at all, no! The outpatient procedure, which takes a few minutes, involves micro-injections of dynamic hyaluronic acid in depressed areas through the use of a very thin needle. Normally well tolerated, it can sometimes be accompanied by an anaesthetic gel.

Mininvasive treatments, but not only! You are also highly specialized in additive mastoplasty, blepharoplasty, abdominoplasty and liposuction, one of the interventions most requested by women. What is this about?
In Italy, about 60 thousand liposuction operations are carried out each year. It is a surgical procedure, performed today with excellent numbers in terms of success and safety, which has the purpose of selectively and definitively removing the accumulations of fat localized at the level of the thighs, knees, buttocks and abdomen. Liposuction shapes these areas and also redefines the contours of the body. Given the delicacy of this procedure, it is necessary that it is performed by an experienced and qualified surgeon and in a suitable and equipped environment for emergencies (every surgery has a margin of risk that is reset by the experience and expertise of the specialist).

In addition to being a renowned doctor and cosmetic surgeon, she also has many years of teaching at important schools or universities. The 32nd edition of the Stage of Aesthetic Medicine, an innovative format that she designed, was held as usual in Turin. Can you tell us about it?
Our Stage of Aesthetic Medicine have the purpose to train the doctor at 360 degrees, through the theoretical and practical deepening of all the aspects that concern this complex and articulated matter. The experience gained in over 30 years of activity led me to conceive an almost personalized approach to teaching, which is having a lot of success. The Stage is, in fact, divided into several single-issue classrooms, each one able to accommodate 15-20 colleagues at a time (in practice, once a lesson has been completed, we move to the next classroom for a further practical and theoretical demonstration). The courses are taught by high-profile teachers and professionals.
The internships devote a lot of attention to the professional part. An unequivocal point of force regarding the competition.
Exactly what it is. Our courses pay great attention to both scientific teaching and professional practice, offering each participant the possibility to immediately implement on a patient or on anatomical preparations, under the guidance of an experienced tutor, what they learned with the theory. Listening, observing and executing: all complementary and not negligible aspects for those who want to become a professional expert in the field.

When will the next courses be held? (This question depends on the date of publication of course)
On February 6th, Dr. Raffaele rauso and I will give the course“I filler of the face: theory, practice, prevention and therapy of complications” at the Tartaro Medical Studio and Associates of Naples. The 7th of the same month, with Dr. Patrick Trevidic and Dr. Gianpaolo Tartaro, and Dr. rauso himself will teach the course on anatomical preparations at the Polo di biotecnologi Azienda ospedaliera di Rilievo Nazionale “Antonio cardarelli” of Naples.

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