Maria Basile The importance of a healthy and balanced diet


The importance of a healthy and balanced diet
“We live in a world of paradox where it is absolutely forbidden to demonize food or tell people to fast, in order not to create eating disorders. In all this, however, obesity is depopulated! Do you want to see that all this tact that society forces us to use in saying things isn’t that effective in terms of results? ” Thus begins the interesting interview with Dr. Maria Basile, a well-known Nutritionist Biologist who, after a long period in biomedical research in numerous laboratories of national importance, currently manages her Human Nutrition study located in Acerra, in the province of Naples, and its branch in San Nicola la strada, in the province of Caserta.

by Roberta Imbimbo

Dr. Basile, what is the right way to lose weight?

A premise appears necessary. The main purpose of my work is to define a food plan aimed at improving the patient’s general health as well as his physical fitness, guiding him in the careful choice of quality and quantity of food. The scientific parameter that must be monitored to verify the effectiveness of the plan is the body composition that must be perfected in a precise and safe way. There is no right way to lose weight; On the other hand, there are specific dietary approaches, finely tested in the best universities in the world and endorsed by the scientific community, which obviously need to be personalized taking into account the psychophysical health of each individual. Personally, when the response of body and mind allows it, I often prefer to change my dietary approach so as to reach the set goal in the shortest possible time. Always in a safe and healthy way of course. Among other things, this ensures that people do not get bored following a certain food plan but are always motivated to reach the ideal weight. My method of slimming consists, therefore, in a real rehabilitation path to healthy nutrition in which, starting from a Mediterranean diet basis (UNESCO heritage nutritional model that leads to the strengthening of the immune system) various slimming steps are inserted to rapid impact, such as the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting.

How is it possible to maintain the results achieved with so much sacrifice over time?

A fundamental rule is to never lose control of your body composition. For this reason, it is absolutely important to carry out periodic checks (at least 3 – 4 per year) by a qualified specialist, to constantly monitor the physical fitness achieved. Unfortunately, returning to unhealthy habits acquired over many years of life is by no means difficult. The secret is therefore to learn to respect the fundamental rules of “healthy eating” and make them your own, because a correct and balanced diet is necessary to protect our health (there are many diseases related to obesity and overweight: think of diseases cardiovascular, hypertension, dyslipidemia or psychological disorders). Obviously this does not mean making sacrifices for life because our body is absolutely able to amortize excess food in the long run! On the other hand, it is important to monitor the energy taken on average in a week (for which there will be more stringent days and other softer days in the so-called maintenance)! And again, when cooking, it is very important to accurately evaluate the portions, because in every family there is always “a weak link” that will end up consuming excess food!

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