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Understanding the needs to find customized solutions …

“The ICT market is perhaps entering its most interesting dimension: today there are more and more convergences and enabling technologies that pervade every area, drawing the attention of companies to issues of efficiency and competitiveness: SMEs must benefit from a digital transformation that starts from processes and operational practice. Technology is in fact an enabling tool useful for evolving the role and contribution that people can make to the company, nurturing skills and stimulating the creative contribution of individuals to the development of the corporate business “. Thus began the interview with Nunzio Vernazzani, owner together with Prof. Pasquale Leone of Comed Srl, a business consulting company that carries out an intense activity of management and IT support to production and distribution companies.

by Roberta Imbimbo

Dr. Vernazzani, when was Comed Srl founded and with what mission?

Born in 1994 from the passionate and far-sighted project of a pool of professionals from university and business circles, Comed S.r.l. in all these years it has always been committed to distinguish itself on the market for professionalism and continuity, managing to increase its customer portfolio year after year, thanks to the supply of high quality Application Solutions and Global Services rendered by competent and qualified professionals. The founding partners (initially four, today two), who until then had worked together in other companies, had a truly innovative idea of ​​consulting for the time: 26 years ago, in fact, small software was very widespread. house, specializing in the production of standardized software and applications offered to customers without any programming or planning. Our idea was instead that no software alone could be the cure-all for all companies, and that these, to increase their efficiency and competitiveness, needed a digital transformation that started from internal processes and operational practice. In fact, SMEs, especially if led by visionary managers, first need to revolutionize the Human Resource management processes in order to receive from their collaborators an increasingly greater contribution of competence, based on the tools available today for Business intelligence. The digital revolution has created a massive influx of information, which shows no signs of slowing down. Data is everywhere, it is generated continuously, and it is deeply rooted in the processes of small and large companies. Today everyone expects to be able to access new information and also use it to understand the new opportunities to be seized. But the important thing is to know how to do it correctly!

Why can the partnership with Comed be strategic?

Because Comed does not offer standardized solutions but customized according to the needs of the individual customer; is not a mere software vendor but a wide-ranging consulting company capable of shaping interventions on the client company’s people, operational processes and information systems in order to achieve the set goals. Comed is a serious and competent partner, a system integrator operating throughout the national territory, which companies can rely on with confidence to accelerate their digital transformation, redesigning processes and operating models that allow them to achieve or preserve a competitive advantage in the its reference market, to be in step with the times and to make progress by ensuring effectiveness and efficiency and therefore growth and stability.