Established in 1998 in Ragusa from the family business operating in another sector, Ricca IT is a highly specialised company in the data centre and cyber security sector. This all-Italian excellence has succeeded in asserting its leadership in the reference market thanks to the strategic management of a far-sighted entrepreneur, Stefano Ricca, who joined the company in 1990 and has been at the helm since 2016, with the intention of imprinting a new and revolutionary concept of enterprise, while preserving the same entrepreneurial passion that has always characterised his family’s work.

by Roberta Imbimbo

Dr Ricca, with what mission was Ricca IT born?

Initially active in the mechanical and agricultural sectors, when I joined the company, Ricca IT expanded its range of action to other strategic activities, focusing its core business on the Information Technology market and more specifically on IT infrastructure management. Today, Ricca IT is a System Integrator capable of providing solutions for the creation, improvement and implementation of data centres and cyber security, in order to protect IT infrastructures from the risks posed by web threats. It has also recently distinguished itself for the installation of Supercomputing Centres of crucial importance for the country. With four operating sites (Ragusa, Catania, Bari, and Naples), the company is active throughout the country, becoming an important reference point for hundreds of companies operating in the automotive, healthcare, university, and large organised distribution sectors: small and large realities, especially in Central and Southern Italy, where Ricca IT has managed to penetrate larger market shares despite the area’s well-known serious infrastructural deficiencies.

What is the secret of your success? Why is your vision considered so revolutionary?

In a world that runs fast in pursuit of digital innovations, profit maximisation and increased turnover, Ricca IT shifts its focus to the centrality of the individual, pursuing as a priority the integral care of human capital, helping each worker and his or her family to find the right human and professional fit within a harmonious and stimulating working environment. The people who orbit our corporate world – employees, stakeholders, customers and suppliers – are in fact not seen as individuals to be exploited, in this case employees to be squeezed, but as valuable resources with whom to undertake a path of fruitful collaboration leading to the well-being and satisfaction of all parties involved in the work process. Thanks to an innovative vision and a strategic and ethical management of human resources, over time we have managed to generate value not only on a relational level, but also on an environmental and economic level. Peculiarities that have allowed us to improve our brand reputation in the reference market and to grow significantly in terms of geographical expansion (the Rome office will be inaugurated in December), size (the number of employees has increased from sixteen to sixty since 2016), and turnover, which will reach around EUR 15 million in 2021. The profit is always reinvested in innovation and development, but above all in welfare policies because, if we believe that man should be at the centre of our business, every link in our human chain must be adequately supported. In conclusion, to win the challenges of the future and continue to be competitive and productive, we need not only advanced technologies and digitised processes, but management models centred on the value of people, so that the dignity and inviolability of every worker is safeguarded.

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