by Roberta Imbimbo

Q Consulting was born in San Giorgio del Sannio in 2018 from the far-sighted and passionate project of a few dynamic and visionary professionals who decided to put their know-how and experience at the service of the Italian entrepreneurial fabric. Thanks to a highly qualified and motivated team, this all-Italian excellence has succeeded in asserting its leadership in a highly competitive market to differentiate itself from its numerous competitors for the high quality of its consultancy offer, rigorously targeted, flexible and customised according to the needs of each individual client. Well aware that in an increasingly globalised and competitive market, each company needs specific methods and processes, Q Consulting has in fact always focused on customised consultancy to support SMEs and large corporations both in the development of new production projects and/or industrial products and in accessing public and private company financing. Among its high added-value competences, also that of actively assisting companies in fundamental research, industrial research and experimental development; fundamental activities, nowadays subsidisable, aimed at increasing productivity, growth and company sustainability in the global market. “In order to meet increasingly ambitious challenges, companies of the future are in fact required to invest in R&D and to continuously innovate their production processes with a view to Industry 4.0,” asserts Gabriele D’Aloisio, the company’s Sole Director, in this lengthy interview. However, despite these efforts, Italy still lags significantly behind other EU countries. In order to make up for this gap, and to relaunch the competitiveness of the country’s system, profound interventions are needed that act on several key elements of our economic system: it is necessary to facilitate the digital transition; to aim for continuous process improvement; to safeguard the qualified employment of young researchers; to facilitate the purchase of capital goods; and more generally, a new business culture in favour of R&D investments is needed, which could have particularly positive repercussions, especially for the South of Italy, where the weaknesses of smaller and less structured companies need to be mitigated’.

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