Founded in Catania back in 1962 by the fortunate intuition of entrepreneur Sebastiano Nicolosi, now in its second generation with the entry into the company of his sons Gaetano and Vera, Nicolosi Trasporti S.r.l. is a leading company in the national and international transport and logistics sector with the latest generation of temperature-controlled and non-temperature-controlled vehicles. Thanks to a strategic vision and a strong vocation for internationalisation and environmental sustainability, this all-Italian excellence has succeeded in asserting its leadership in a dynamic and competitive market, clearly distinguishing itself from its competitors by the quality of the service rendered.

by Roberta Imbimbo

Dr Gaetano Nicolosi, what was the mission of the company founded by your father back in 1962?
Nicolosi Trasporti was founded with the ambitious goal of becoming an important national and international reference point in the transport and logistics sector. A challenge that was won thanks to a strategic vision and an innovative business approach, thanks to which the company has experienced rapid growth both in terms of organisational size (it now employs around 750 highly qualified direct employees) and geographical expansion, with its entry into foreign markets, particularly in Europe, Tunisia, Algeria and Libya. Today, Nicolosi Trasporti is an all-Italian excellence with a strong vocation for internationalisation, innovation and environmental sustainability.

In this regard, how important is the topic of environmental sustainability to you?
Very much! It is no coincidence that Nicolosi Trasporti today ranks among the leading companies in Europe for environmentally friendly transport solutions. This is because we have always set ourselves the goal of balancing economic development, competitiveness, and environmental sustainability in order to contribute to building a completely sustainable transport and logistics supply chain in a conscious and responsible manner, leading the way for other players and thus becoming a spokesman for best practices throughout the sector. Through innovative choices, we have therefore sought to minimise the environmental impact of our logistics and transport activities, focusing on a fleet of latest-generation vehicles made up exclusively of 100% LNG and BIOLNG fuelled vehicles (we are the only company in Southern Italy to have built a private LNG plant back in 2009) and on the use of energy from sustainable sources to offset CO2 emissions (all our warehouses are equipped with photovoltaic panels and a special rainwater collection system for irrigating the greenery). Since 2008, we have also invested in the construction of photovoltaic fields for the production of green energy destined not only for self-consumption, but also for the energy needs of the community, since the surplus energy produced is placed on the market. Thanks to our eco-friendly philosophy, we have managed in a short time to increase our brand reputation in the reference market and to become a virtuous example of a global company with a green heart; a future-oriented reality that has always made social, environmental and governance responsibility its main ethical value. Peculiarities with high added and competitive value that have allowed us to increase our customer base year after year.
Many important milestones have been achieved to date. What are your future goals?
To continue to grow in an ethical and responsible manner, always having at heart on the one hand the maximisation of customer satisfaction by offering high quality services, and on the other hand the protection of the environment and the enhancement of human capital within a healthy and stimulating working environment.

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