Established in Potenza in 2017 from the expertise gained by entrepreneurs Anna Maria Gentile, CEO, and Nicola Vita, Head of International Projects Area, EXEO Lab is a global company highly specialised in specialised consultancy to public administrations, starting from planning up to the implementation, management, monitoring and control of territorial development strategies financed with regional, national and European resources. At the same time, it offers specialised consultancy to SMEs and start-ups in the design of innovative business development and internationalisation strategies to prepare them to face the challenges imposed by an increasingly global and competitive market.
by Roberta Imbimbo

Dr Gentile, with what mission was EXEO LAB born?

The company was founded in 2017 with the aim of becoming an important point of reference in the consulting market for Public Administration and businesses, on the strength of an extra-tegic vision, highly specialised know-how and the experience gained by its partners. Thanks to these high added-value features, and nevertheless to the ability to interconnect skills and professionalism of the highest level in order to meet an ever-increasing demand for innovative services, EXEO Lab has succeeded in asserting its leadership in a highly competitive market and in increasing its client base year after year, both at national and European level. Today, EXEO Lab is considered a qualified and reliable partner able to provide a strictly tailor-made, handcrafted consultancy, customised and tailored to individual needs, with the primary objective of maximising customer satisfaction, making companies absolutely more competitive in their target market. Among the most important partnerships is the framework agreement with Coca Cola HBC Italia.

EXEO Lab is highly specialised in specialised consultancy for companies that want to expand beyond national borders. Within this macro area, what services do you offer and what are the distinguishing features of your consultancy approach?
A general premise is necessary. Internationalisation is the process through which an average structured company aims to grow beyond its own borders, trying to penetrate new markets and find new potential customers in decisively more attractive markets. Today, many companies undertake an internationalisation process in order to seek new revenue opportunities, to occupy a segment in which there are few competitors or because the domestic market is saturated. In order to be successful, however, a company must strategically plan this process, which cannot be improvised at all or considered an escape tactic from a problematic situation in the domestic market, taking into consideration various technical, organisational and financial aspects, carefully planning each step and being supported by highly qualified partners.

Dr. Vita, EXEO Lab is able to support all those companies that, already competitive on the domestic market, want to explore new strategic markets.

Absolutely! Today, there are new strategic markets, especially in emerging target countries where the growth and development rate is higher than at home and in Europe. EXEO Lab has commercial and institutional re-relationships with 34 countries, 26 of which are in Europe, and is therefore absolutely capable of providing high value-added services through a 360-degree turnkey consultancy service that includes needs analysis, the establishment of strategic partnerships in target countries, legal assistance, risk management, and the activation of financial instruments necessary for internationalisation (we have an agreement with SACE, an organisation controlled by the MEF). Over time, we have developed important institutional relations, particularly in Saudi Arabia, where an extremely favourable environment for international companies has developed. It is a more than promising market, with important opportunities for companies operating in the construction sector and willing to build strategic joint ventures with local companies. The demand is for large projects such as stadiums, resorts, hospitals, shopping centres or infrastructure projects such as motorways or railways. Equally significant are partnership and business opportunities in the renewable energy sector, as Saudi Arabia is currently among the world’s leading countries in the energy transition.

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