Founded in April 2022 from the creative idea of Gian Luca Nieddu, a chartered accountant with extensive experience in the field of international taxation and operational modelling, MUSE STRATEGY is a highly qualified strategic consultancy company providing business and tax assistance to Italian and foreign multinational groups, with the aim of supporting these entrepreneurial realities in their path of growth and development in their reference market. An innovative and future-oriented excellence that, thanks to a strategic vision and highly specialised know-how matured in articulated and complex consulting sectors such as transfer pricing & operational modelling and international taxation, is positively demonstrating its originality in a highly competitive market dominated by several well-structured players. “The distinctive trait of our consultancy approach, which clearly differentiates us from our numerous competitors, is our integrated vision on the strategic aspects of the company’s business and our ability to offer qualified tailor-made consultancy, rigorously customised according to the needs of each individual client,’ Gian Luca Nieddu, the company’s founder, states in this lengthy interview. (NB by editorial choice this initial focus may be slightly reduced)
by Roberta Imbimbo

Dr. Nieddu, with what mission was MUSE STRATEGY born?
The company was born with the ambitious goal of becoming an important reference point in the field of strategic consulting for multinational groups of any size, both Italian and foreign; a challenge that we are successfully pursuing thanks to an innovative vision and a highly specialised know-how matured by a multidisciplinary team of eight professionals with transversal and complementary skills. Transfer pricing & operational modelling and international taxation – hybrid and complex subjects in which we have more than ten years’ experience – represent for us the meeting point where specific skills of various kinds (economic, corporate, statistical, operational, legal and business strategy) come together and merge into an integrated vision aimed at the company’s strategic development. Over the past two years, the company has expanded its core business to include other strategic activities, thus succeeding in providing all-round consultancy in all those aspects that today are fundamental for creating a true competitive advantage in international markets and for tackling increasingly ambitious challenges.

What peculiarities distinguish you from numerous competitors?
The ability to offer high-level, specialised and ‘tailor-made’ consultancy based on the needs of each individual entrepreneurial reality, the strategic vision on corporate business, and nonetheless the ability to accompany clients all over the world – we are now part of an important international network that allows us to be strategically present everywhere – are the distinguishing features of MUSE STRATEGY. Since its inception, such a multidisciplinary approach has thus enabled it to compete positively in a highly competitive market, seeing its client base, mostly small, medium and large-sized Italian and foreign companies, grow steadily. Since the beginning of its activities, MUSE STRATEGY has been a company with an international outlook and a strong propensity for innovation, able to provide strategic consultancy that is divided into a number of key activities. Thanks to the expertise gained in advising and assisting numerous groups of international relevance, today it has the necessary sensitivity to understand how business development and management processes are structured in order to analyse them not only from an international taxation point of view, but also to provide qualified and reliable assistance in analysing company performance, studying competitors and possible expansion processes abroad. Similarly, MUSE STRATEGY is a true partner that also supports its clients in those activities pertaining to the management of operational, economic, financial, legal and tax risks and assists them in identifying actions and tools to mitigate these risks. Finally, it has acquired skills and experience to also provide qualified advice on ESG reporting, accompanying companies on their journey towards economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Future objectives?
To continue to strive for excellence in our competencies and – at the same time – expand our business advisory services, always putting customer satisfaction first, in order to be more and more the business partner of reference in companies’ strategic decisions!

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