LS Lexjus Sinacta is a national multi-territorial firm – boasting nine offices in Italy and a team of about 180 professionals, including lawyers and accountants – highly specialised in the field of business law and family assets. An all-Italian excellence – with strong roots in the territory – that assists its clients, mostly SMEs and family businesses that represent the strength of the Italian production system, in a fruitful partnership. Thanks to a strategic vision and highly specialised know-how, over time LS lexjus Sinacta has expanded its core business to other innovative activities. “The Bologna office is one of the few structures rooted in the territory to have a capital marketing department. The aim is to offer a highly specialised service by supporting Italian companies in successfully entering the capital markets with a 360-degree, rigorously qualified and reliable consultancy,’ says lawyer Gianluigi Serafini who, in the course of his brilliant professional career, has gained significant experience in the field of corporate law and, more generally, in all those legal activities related to financial investment services. “The potential of capitalisation through listing, for example, is enormous: listed SMEs are able to attract a professional and well-prepared managerial class; increase their credibility in the reference market; face the generational business transition more serenely; and more easily raise financial resources to foster development and growth. In order to grow and develop in increasingly competitive contexts, SMEs in fact need evolved forms of raising capital, not least to disengage from the traditional operations of the banking system, in a context in which the same system is constrained in its lending activities by the more stringent capital requirements introduced in recent years by the supervisory authorities’.

Unlike in the past, when Italian companies used to finance themselves through short-term bank loans, a virtuous circle has now been set in motion that has seen an increase in both venture capital investments by Italian SMEs and the number of SMEs that have chosen to open up their share capital by going public. Despite the positive results achieved so far also in the cultural sphere (a new corporate culture is a turning point for business growth), LS lexjus Sinacta aspires to consolidate itself in a transversal market, focusing on some fundamental drives linked to the corporate world: strengthening SMEs’ access to the capital market, managing M&A transactions and succession planning processes, protecting the assets of entrepreneurial families, strengthening ESG activities, sustainability and digital transformation, always with the maximisation of customer satisfaction at heart.
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