Professionalism, innovation and experience: these are the distinctive traits of SDL – Sustainability Digital & Learning – a company from Cermenate (CO) highly specialised in the ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) sphere that since 2017, the year of its foundation, has developed an innovative method of co-creating and co-generating new processes and procedures for economic, environmental and social sustainability, with a particular focus on Diversity & Inclusion (D&I), gender equality, parental sustainability in the company, Talent Management, and Sustainability Reporting with the new ESRs. “UNI/PDR125:2022 certification is now a very important tool to incentivise companies to adopt appropriate policies to reduce the gender gap in relation to career opportunities, equal pay levels, gender equality management policies and maternity protection. In this area, our mission is to provide companies with highly specialised and customised consultancy – handcrafted and tailor-made according to individual needs – in order to cocreate all those processes that favour gender equality and help organisations change their corporate culture to foster gender equality,’ asserts Sabrina Colombo, CEO of a company that shines on the market for professionalism and innovation. “Gender inequality is not only an issue of social injustice, but also a barrier to our country’s economic growth (according to some estimates, a 60% employment rate for women in Italy would lead to a 7% GDP growth) and an obstacle to building a much more inclusive and sustainable society. The focus on gender equality should start before employees are hired; starting with fair recruiting practices (personnel selection processes should be absolutely neutral).This is why SDL is responsibly called upon to help companies overcome all those unconscious biases that unfortunately still penalise women in the world of work, by monitoring workplaces, verifying the implementation of the gender equality system, resolving any adverse situations, and indicating to entrepreneurs the objectives to be achieved in terms of recruitment, career management, pay equity, and work-life balance. Our purpose has always been to accompany companies, whether large or small, in this process of generating a new mindset on gender equality, so that they are attractive in an increasingly competitive and global market’.

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