Founded in Bari in 2017, from the far-sighted idea of engineer Vincenzo Schino, a civil engineer specialised in infrastructure design, S-Engineering, of which he was previously Technical Director and Sole Director, and is now Founder, is a company that provides engineering, architecture, management, works management, planning & cost control, safety and consultancy services for all construction sectors, both public and private. Thanks to a strategic vision and a multidisciplinary and integrated approach to design that combines tradition and innovation, this all-Italian excellence has managed to assert its leadership in a highly competitive market, becoming an important reference point for the entire sector.
by Roberta Imbimbo

Mr Schino, with what mission was S-Engineering born?
S-Engineering was born in Bari in 2017, with the aim of offering the market a different, young, dynamic, and highly flexible conjugation for this type of company, and to systemise a significant wealth of experience acquired over the years. This small reality has made a name for itself and has become a point of reference for many local and national realities, which over time have recognised a highly specialised know-how matured in the field of integrated engineering, architectural, structural, works management and safety design, with an initial approach also to the drafting of tenders with improved offers for public contracts.

Over time, this company has focused its core business by following the latest market trends in the infrastructure sector, construction as a whole, and management in the execution of works; a strategic choice that has allowed it to grow exponentially in a short time, both in terms of turnover and organisational structure (it boasts an open multidisciplinary team of about 15 resources between employees and highly qualified external permanent consultants, capable of taking care of every aspect of the engineering, legal and accounting activities), arriving at becoming part of the ilSole24 Business Partner circuit, for which it was in charge of the editorial staff of the national technical magazine Newsletter, for almost two years. The resources employed are immediately included within the operational interactions of the various orders, being able to interface directly with all disciplines in ‘open info’ mode and thus generating their complete involvement in all decision-making processes, with a consequent very rapid professional growth to which the younger generations rightly aspire, to perceive their own evolution of skills in a very short time. We carried out a whole series of projects for the Balkan area that led us to cross paths with the highest echelons of the European Community and their heartfelt professional appreciation, directly from the then President David Sassoli, and then to the United States, albeit briefly, where we carried out a cost control consultancy for the construction of the Maverick Building complex, two large buildings in New York, on 28th Street, and where we were about to open a new office inside the Chrysler Building; unfortunately, however, Covid temporarily brought our expansion plans to a halt in February 2020, drastically changing the geography of our working relationships.

What peculiarities have enabled you to differentiate yourselves from your competitors?
The experience and marked professionalism acquired over many years of activity, and the strong vocation for innovation, an open and inclusive managerial approach, and a non-vertical but horizontal American-style corporate vision, have allowed us to assert our leadership in a very competitive market, dominated by several well-structured competitors, and to increase our client base, broadening the target to include pharmaceutical and mechanical multinationals, banking institutions, and some of the most important consulting and auditing companies globally; These are all realities that today ask to rely on a qualified, young, dynamic and reliable partner to receive highly specialised and pragmatic consultancy and assistance, as required by today’s market, free from the old pompous and baroque forms, all services that S-Engineering offers. Design quality, which in turn must necessarily translate into a workmanlike execution of the works to avoid the risks of any disputes that would become a further burden for the contracting stations and our clients, is a peculiarity with a high added and competitive value that not all engineering companies are able to guarantee. Today, S-Engineering is a future-oriented company with a strong propensity for internationalisation that, thanks to its strategic vision, is recognised as a national and international reference.

Many goals have been achieved to date. Future goals?
The most ambitious challenge that, as founder, I wish for S-Engineering, for which I have held the positions of Technical Director and Sole Director over the years, is certainly that of expansion, perhaps by opening new operations in Italy and abroad. At the same time, S-Engineering aims at further expanding its core business, which may be generated by the natural evolution of new strategic sectors derived from those it already knows well, such as infrastructures, special structures, and last but not least the residential sector, which have an important renewal potential due to the profound change in technology that has taken place in recent years, with an approach to integrated design in BIM that has now become an essential element even in the public sector, always with the maximisation of customer satisfaction at heart, which has always been a priority objective for the company I proudly founded.

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