The importance of sports law nowadays



Guido Del Re is a successful lawyer, specialized in a very complex and constantly evolving subject

Today, sport law plays a very important role in the Italian and international legal landscape. Following the 2006 “Calciopoli” scandal, professional and amateur clubs, players, players’ agents and Federations have finally become aware of the importance of a suitable legal assistance also in the sports field, resorting to professionals in the sector. Guido Del Re, a brilliant lawyer who, with his determination and his very high level of skills, has collected a series of judicial successes.

Avv. Del Re, what is your studio doing?

The core business of the Law Firm Del Re is to provide legal assistance in all areas of civil and commercial law. Over the years, however, my joint passion for law and sport has led me to broaden the range of my skills and open the department of sports law, in order to offer extrajudicial and judicial assistance (in front of all degrees of Sporting Justice) to all insiders.

Why should the sports world turn to a law firm?

Sports law is a very complex subject, in constant evolution and which requires a multifaceted knowledge of several branches of law: not only commercial and corporate but also that of work, given the emergent cases in such a complex context. It is, therefore, of fundamental importance to turn to a highly qualified figure, able to provide 360 degrees assistance and advice to all operators in the sector.

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by Roberta Imbimbo

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