A & A 2009, stories of excellence


Leader in the design and construction of exhibition stands and event settings

Passion, professionalism and a very high level of skills: these are the hallmarks of A & A 2009 Srl, a leading company in the design and construction of exhibition stands and event settings (exhibitions, roadshows, conventions, showrooms and major events), in Italy and abroad. From the headquarters of Rome, this all-Italian brand has immediately distinguished itself in the reference market thanks to the quality of the services offered by a highly competent and creative team, succeeding in significantly increasing its customer portfolio over the last few years. To illustrate the company’s mission is Vinicio Sciarroni, commercial and production manager of the company.Dott. Sciarroni, what are the strengths of A & A 2009 Srl?Perfectly combining strategic, technical and creative skills, the A & A 2009 Srl team is able to follow every event at 360 degrees, taking care of the smallest details and customizing it according to the requests of each individual customer. Our skill is that of knowing how to interpret people’s emotions and knowing how to transform them into a unique harmony of incredibly involving and exclusive visual and sensory elements.What goals have you achieved in these long years of activity?By far the most important goal is the high level of satisfaction shown by customers, which represents our true heritage, our true strength. Today in Italy we are an important reality, always growing and characterized by dynamism and style that are our flagship.

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by Roberta Imbimbo