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IVI, born in Spain in 1990, has more than 70 clinics worldwide, including a center present in Italy, in Rome, directed by Dr. Daniela Galliano

Italy is one of the European countries with the lowest birth rate and is among those in which the average age for the first pregnancy is very high. A tendency often determined by choices of a voluntary nature, but on which, in a not inconsiderable way, the constant increase in both female and male infertility affects.

IVI – Valencian Infertility Institute was founded in Spain in 1990 and since then, with more than 70 clinics worldwide, has helped to raise 160,000 children thanks to the use of the most innovative techniques of assisted reproduction and more than 70 clinics in Worldwide. Dr. Daniela Galliano is the Director of the IVI Center in Italy, present in Rome since 2015.

Dr. Galliano, infertility today is a common problem?

According to the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, about 15% of Italian couples are suffering from infertility problems. Wrong lifestyle, the late search of the first child or other factors such as alcohol, smoking, obesity or diseases such as endometriosis are among the main causes of infertility, which is shared within the couple almost equally. If the couple suspects a possible infertility, it is necessary that it is addressed to specialists of the sector, which will orientate the couple itself to specific studies that will then allow to evaluate the medical treatment to be undertaken, if necessary.

What can be the help that IVI can give?

At IVI centers all the medically assisted reproductive treatments available are available: artificial insemination, oocyte vitrification, in vitro fertilization both homologous and heterologous with conventional technique and ICSI, availing also of the most advanced technology such as the Preimplantation Genetic Test ( TGP), EmbryoScope®, MAC, Nace and Nace Plus. In the Preimplantation Genetic Test (PGT), IVI was a pioneer. This technique consists in diagnosing genetic and chromosomal alterations in the embryo stage, therefore before implantation in the maternal uterus, thus avoiding that the unborn child is affected by genetic diseases that can be diagnosed.

Thanks to all this 9 couples out of 10 who have turned to IVI for infertility problems, have achieved their goal.

Moreover, with the new IVI Baby program, IVI undertakes to follow the motherhood of women up to the birth of the baby, also assisting the woman economically if the desire for motherhood does not come true.

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By Roberta Imbimbo