Aesthetic Medicine: how to “save” the skin.


Safety, Professionalism, Innovation: essential elements for the patient!

The skin is the largest organ in our body (15% of the body mass) has always played a fundamental role. The most important functions are: protection against dehydration, oxygen absorption and elimination of waste products from our body, protection from UV solar radiation and reduction of the risk of infections by preventing bacteria from accessing them. “Precisely because of its functional role, it is good practice, before any medical treatment, to make an accurate diagnosis able to establish the state of health of the skin, to subsequently define an effective and personalized intervention program” asserting in no uncertain terms the Dr. Mariarosaria Di Placido, affirmed Aesthetic Doctor of Rome.

Increasingly, cosmetic medicine treatments are carried out in beauty centers or by doctors who are not specialized in the subject, thus increasing the risks to the health of patients.

A growing number of people, indistinctly men and women, want to prevent and contrast the signs of aging, improving their appearance. In recent years, research and innovation have given an important impetus to this branch of medicine, thanks to the help of latest-generation medical devices that guarantee a natural and more effective result.

It is essential, however, to rely on experienced professionals who not only have invested in an appropriate training path in the field of aesthetic medicine, but who have gained the necessary experience to practice the profession in a complete manner, according to science and conscience for the good of the patient. If the price of a treatment is far below the average, do not be “indulged by the occasion”: the price to pay in terms of health could be very high. Whether it is a filler or another, the medical devices used must be of proven quality and above all certified.

Dott.ssa Di Placido, what is the most correct way to optimize the effectiveness of medical-aesthetic treatments?

In my daily clinical practice, at the first meeting with the patient, I perform a complete skin check-up to study the state of skin health. Only later, I choose, in agreement with the patient, the appropriate treatment to correct the imperfection, minimizing any risks and complications. It is my habit to guide the patient to a correct lifestyle, so as to optimize the treatment performed at the studio. To obtain the best result, the patient must “cure” his skin at home. Good hydration and quality cosmetics will prolong the treatment.

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