Ca.Di.Group, 25 years of success



Experience and professionalism at the service of health and well-being of patients with products mainly aimed at the gastroenterological, dietary, pediatric, uro-gynecological and radiotherapy sectors

It all began back in 1993, when the desire of Dr. Gianfranco Caramelli finally became a reality. The strength and determination of this brilliant entrepreneur and his sons give life to Ca.Di.Group Srl, an Italian company of excellence. In fact, in a short time, the Roman company has become an important point of reference in the nutraceutical sector, thanks to the excellent quality of its products, mainly aimed at the gastroenterological, dietary, pediatric, uro-gynecological and radiotherapeutic sectors.

Dr. Caramelli, what is the mission of this prestigious Italian reality?

Our goal is to promote health and well-being through the introduction onto the pharmaceutical market of increasingly effective, innovative and safe nutraceutical products, that is, effective as drugs but without undesired effects for consumers. A goal that we have always achieved, thanks to continuous research and experimentation, sharing with the best companies in the sector, know-how and experience for the development of formulations with high scientific and technological content. For us at Ca.Di.Group research, innovation and attention to the combination of science / quality are the necessary tools to guarantee products with excellent quality standards, able to respond to an increasingly demanding market in terms of health and well-being.

 What are the strengths of the company compared to its competitors?

Thanks to a wide range of latest generation technologies and systems, and to a highly qualified staff, Ca.Di.Group boasts a valuable scientific activity that allows it to be always at the forefront in the development of innovative, safe products and from the surprising therapeutic properties. “To experiment, to improve, to innovate having the courage to go against the current if convinced of the validity of a project” this is the secret behind our success.

Ethics, integrity, loyalty, respect for people and the surrounding environment: these are the key values ​​that have always guided the company’s actions. Quite right?

Absolutely yes. The same day I decided to found a company active in the field of health and well-being of people, I understood that the only way to do it well was to start from a solid scientific basis, using only the highest quality raw materials and certain source. Time has shown that we at Ca.Di.Group are capable of doing business, without ever losing sight of our precious ethical values: every project, every strategy, every product is designed to give maximum benefit to those people who, by putting away their trust in us, push us to give our best in our work.

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by Roberta Imbimbo