Cap’s, the pleasure of wearing natural and fashion jewellery


The elegance, the refinement and the versatility of the cork

A magical balance between style and design. A perfect fusion between past and modernity, between love for beauty and passion for craftsmanship. Creativity, craftsmanship and elegance: in Tappo’s jewelry there is always a detail that captures eyes and heart. Born from the association of two master goldsmiths, Roberto Galeno Mellucci and Francesco Verolla, Tappo’s is a young and modern brand that represents a true business philosophy: “the creation of beauty is art, respect for nature is life”. A recurring leitmotiv, which inspired all the creations of these two great master goldsmiths: unique and inimitable creations, in which all the beauty of nature and Mediterranean culture is contained. The strength of the new Luxury Green Brand lies precisely in the respect of the equilibrium of the ecosystem, where nothing is superfluous, but everything is transformed and reused. And so in the light of a strong commitment to the environment, at the base of Tappo’s creations is cork (the bark is used exclusively that the plant renews constantly every 10 years!), A natural element of great lightness and versatility, embellished with gold and silver for fashionable and exclusive jewelry.

What are the key principles that guide your work?

Our classic lines Tappo’s and Tappo & Pasta are inspired by fundamental values: eco-sustainability, to be supported through the use of cork as raw material; Mediterranean cuisine, to be promoted through the creation of pendants shaped like pasta, iconography of Mediterranean culture, appreciated and recognized all over the world and the craftsmanship necessary to create lines of excellent quality jewels, entirely hand made, expression of a profound work creative and with an excellent precision of workmanship. High jewelery creations faithful to the purest tradition made in Italy, the daughters of the secrets of our manufacturing excellence, and characterized by a high level of finishing, by a remarkable attention to detail and by a strictly unconventional style, which brings with it the essence of a unique land, our note.

What are the strengths of your brand?

We strongly believe that craftsmanship is a rare value to preserve, a necessary resource to create something extraordinarily original, which magically comes to life on the body of the wearer. The magical encounter between our creative flair and the elegance of the materials used for years has allowed us to create jewels with a timeless charm, superb in their beauty, captivating in their modernity, suitable for those who want to wear an authentic masterpiece of goldsmith’s art.

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by Roberta Imbimbo