Carmela Fusco Daisy Beauty, a new way of understanding beauty!


Daisy Beauty, a new way of understanding beauty!

“The power of ideas always creates winning projects. As well as the courage to cultivate one’s passions, although this perseverance sometimes involves enormous sacrifices ”. Thus began the interview with Carmela Fusco, owner of the Daisy Beauty Center in Naples, a true temple of beauty designed for the psycho-physical well-being of its customers.

Carmela, can you tell us your story?

Since I was a child I kept a dream in the drawer: to have a future as an entrepreneur in the vast and articulated world of aesthetics. A dream that I wanted to achieve at all costs, despite the many difficulties encountered and painstakingly overcome along my professional path, also coming to firmly oppose my mother who, for her part, nourished the desire for me to finish high school. But you know, cultivating your passions is essential to feeling satisfied! And the day I realized my biggest dream, that of having my own beauty center, I managed to make sense of my life, which finally shouted happiness, serenity, contentment and success.

What does your beauty ethic consist of?

My beauty ethic consists in listening carefully to the needs of my customers, in having their aesthetic aspect at heart, welcoming them in a comfortable and familiar environment. It is a great responsibility that I have towards people, I am aware of it and for this reason, in the exercise of my profession, I always try to pay the utmost attention, well aware that the quality of the services offered is a great added value. I studied a lot to get to offer the best, attending prestigious academies, such as the Sirio Aja di Cira Guarino and the Accademia di Liliana Paduano, universally recognized as excellence in the sector. And after years of studies and apprenticeships, today I can finally say that I have created a highly appreciated Aesthetic Center, able to offer professional and quality treatments.

What did you specialize in?

At my center you can take advantage of a wide range of face and body treatments: basic aesthetics (pedicures, manicures, waxes, make-up and massages), advanced aesthetics, definitive laser hair removal and pressure therapy. Among the most requested facial treatments, the Needling stands out, a sort of non-surgical lifting, particularly useful for the rejuvenation of the facial skin and for the treatment of wrinkles, blemishes and scars. By using a particular serum based on bee venom, it is in fact able to increase the production of collagen and elastin, giving brightness and firmness to the skin. Microblading is also in great demand, allowing you to have perfectly sculpted and thickened eyebrows, using semi-permanent tattoos with extraordinary and very natural results.

But, of course, we have many other important news for our friends, because Daisy Beauty wants to satisfy their every desire!

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