CFMT, for over 20 years serving managers and companies


In an increasingly global, complex and competitive work market, characterized by a continuous evolution of the socio-economic system, the worker is increasingly required to have specific technical and professional skills and knowledge and to companies with highly innovative management and leadership models. “The complexity of the 4.0 market, the interconnection and the digitalization due to the advent of the internet of things, and the emergence of artificial intelligence make today more than ever necessary the mixture of digital skills and soft skills (for the workers), that the adoption of strategic organizational models (for companies), indispensable to remain competitive on the labor market “, explains Mario Sassi, general manager of CFMT, the High Level Training Center born from an intuition Confcommercio Imprese per l’Italia and Manageritalia, which has been supporting executive employability and the competitive development of service companies for over 20 years.

Dr. Sassi, can you explain the mission of CFMT?

From 1992 to today, our goal has always been to make available to our users (22,000 executives and 8,200 companies) a “personalized” and innovative training offer, attentive to the quality of the projects and their coherence with the socio- economic reference. Born as a management school focused on the specific needs of the service industry, over time CFMT has been able to develop an integrated system of lifelong learning, thanks to an extremely prepared and qualified faculty, particularly sensitive to issues of innovation and managerial skills.

Last year you organized BIG, an intergenerational business game that had a big impact. What is it?

A highly innovative project – attended by more than 80 teams made up of managers, entrepreneurs and university students – organized in order to promote intergenerational exchange, necessary to take sufficiently complex decisions regarding strategy, business management and organizational development. Starting from a simulation of the entrepreneurial reality, each team had to devise an effective marketing strategy to rehabilitate a toy company in crisis, exploiting a 24h web platform on which to experiment tactics and ideas without limits of time and space. After about a month of work, an authoritative jury has rewarded the team that has been able to combine the long-standing experience of managers with digital skills and the enthusiasm of the new generation, passionate about the business world. The initiative has had an extraordinary success, and for this reason we are thinking of proposing it again in 2019.

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