Domotics: when the house becomes intelligent, connected and safe


With Dabel the smart home will be at your service

home automation is the discipline that for several years now has been dealing with the study of the most innovative technologies aimed at improving the comfort and efficiency of a home and more generally of living and working environments in general. “Today thanks to a home automation system it is possible to automate the management of electrical systems, appliances and all appliances operating in the home with extreme simplicity”, says Berardo D’Agostino, founder of “Dabel Elettroimpianti”, a company that for years has imposed its leadership in the reference market (that of civil, industrial and commercial electrical systems) thanks to the high quality of the services offered to its customers.

Dr. D’Agostino, what changes compared to a traditional electrical installation?

Thanks to domotics, we find ourselves in front of a smart house, an intelligent environment that makes systems and automated functions available to those who live far beyond the traditional ones: check if we have left the lights on or the windows open, avoid uncoupling of the electricity meter when too many household appliances are used at the same time, it receives guests by activating really suggestive light scenarios, activates the alarm at set times, closes water and gas in case of danger. In short, a synergy capable of increasing comfort, energy savings and safety!

Thanks to technological progress, new functions have been introduced, such as?

The possibility of being able to manage and view everything completely from a smartphone, tablet and PC, sitting comfortably on a sofa or on a beach on the other side of the world. So the possibility of managing the entire burglar alarm system, the video surveillance system and air conditioning, just to mention a few examples. Moreover, the wide range of solutions offered by a home automation system can be increased over time to meet the needs in continuous evolution, without having to intervene with further masonry work.

What are your strengths compared to competitors?

The experience gained in over 35 years of activity allows us to create a wide range of customized solutions, to offer our customers the comfort and safety they have always dreamed of!


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