ENRICO GRAUS, history of Campania excellence


Start again with a strong pain to create a successful hair salon

“There are pains that cannot be avoided or cancelled; unbearable pains that make you vulnerable to the eyes of the world. There are wounds that not even time can heal; wounds so deep as to destroy your soul, bringing you into a dimension of intimate fragility. When you lose a loved one, nothing will be like before. ” Thus began the exciting story of Enrico Graus, owner of the famous Erry hair studio and G Hairdressers in Via Bellini in Naples, who at a young age lost his brother Giuseppe. “When a person we love goes away forever, it is difficult to learn to live with the deep sense of emptiness that his absence leaves within us. Be sure to turn the page, repeating that life must absolutely continue, sometimes it is not enough. I found the strength to react in the desire to complete our project of opening a shop of our own, a dream that we cultivated since childhood. And so the day on which the brand “Erry and G Parrucchieri” was born (which also bears the initial of his name), it seemed to me that a part of him would come back to life. Life, thank goodness, is so unpredictable that it always surprises us, upsetting our plans and redesigning our routes. There is no greater joy than having a constantly changing horizon, of being each day under a new and different sun: one only has to find the courage to stand up after each fall. And I, despite the excruciating pain that for a long time haunted the horizon, one day I suddenly managed to look at the world with new eyes and to realize that dream kept in the drawer, marking an important phase of my life, that of the turnaround “.

Enrico Graus, after many sacrifices in 2000 finally arrives the deserved success for the opening of his beauty salon. What is the secret of so successful?

It’s true, the best hits of people come after their biggest disappointments. Today I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I have built a beauty salon appreciated nationally from scratch. It is an immense satisfaction to be able to shape the head of hundreds of women who come from everywhere, only eager to receive a glamorous cut or trendy color. The secret of so successful? Not a day passes that does not question me, that does not try to improve myself to keep the threshold of my expectations high or to reach that much sought-after perfection in this world so imperfect. All this helped to raise my level of skills.

She is You are now a renowned name of Neapolitan hairstyling. How can you meet the needs of those who have their own heart?

Trying to realize the desires of every single woman, each with her own personality, with her own different way of expressing femininity. For each customer there is the perfect cut, the one that can reflect the personality and enhance the features, harmonizing and balancing the proportions of the face. The same applies to colors: they must be chosen carefully to enhance the beauty of the foliage in a natural way. Our Passion technique, which is very popular today, allows us to customize shades based on the client’s somatic features; a unique style for hair that wonderfully sparkles luxurious and exclusive shades. The important thing is to know how to play with the imagination to create nuances able to enhance the beauty of every single woman.

You are known throughout the South Italy also for the particularity of its extensions. Who advises you?

To anyone who wants a strong, voluminous and shiny hair. In addition to creating complete lengthening we are, in fact, very skilled in thickening poor hair, creating full shapes on the scales, making partial extensions, constructing color effects, making wavy and trendy volumes. Our extensions are extraordinary allies to increase the beauty of your hair in a natural way.

Now that it has reached the pinnacle of success, what do you want for the future?

I started to get interested in this work when I was only 11 years old. Sometimes I pause to think about how far I have traveled since then, how difficult it was to take the first step towards the much sought after destination. Nevertheless I have always followed my path without ever going back, healed my wounds along the way … and today I can only enjoy the extraordinary and unimaginable results achieved, the professional satisfactions achieved. I can not wish for anything else, I have already won my most important battle: that of being able to carry out the work I love in a studio of my own, also fulfilling the dream of my brother Giuseppe, who will continue to live in me forever .


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