Hydrocolontherapy: purification is health


Prevention, health and well-being of our second brain: the intestine!

Increasingly widespread in Italy, the colon hydrotherapy allows thorough cleaning of the intestine, often solving the malfunction, especially if accompanied by a healthy and balanced diet. “By using appropriate machinery, technologically advanced, it is possible to remove the encrusted waste in the intestine, often obtaining the complete disappearance of many disorders and diseases such as colitis, constipation, abdominal swelling, flatulence and diarrhoea” explains Dr. Alessandra Merendino, 17 years of experience, the youngest expert in hydro-colon-therapy, internationally certified at the International Colon Hydrotherapy (IACH) Association, the only professional in Lazio to perform this therapy with infusion of natural probiotics, massage deep visceral, and able to treat patients sent by external doctors of various specialists: gynaecologists, gastroenterology, paediatrician internists and naturopaths.

Dr. Merendino, which disorders can be treated with this practice absolutely painless?

colon hydrotherapy is a deep cleansing of the intestine with heated water that allows to eliminate accumulated waste and to solve multiple disorders (headache, nervousness, insomnia, rhinitis, acne, dermatitis, bad mood, general malaise, swollen belly, fall of immune defences, cystitis, blockage and intestinal obstruction). The so purified intestine finds its optimal functionality.

For which patients is sweet intestinal irrigation useful?

Anyone can benefit from this detoxifying practice, useful to solve inflammatory situations, potentially degenerative, which can affect the correct functioning of the intestinal system. Among my patients there are also many children (from 4 years upwards) to whom the hydro-colon therapy is performed as a supportive treatment for certain problems such as cystic fibrosis, multiple sclerosis, chemotherapy, intestinal blockages, paraplegia and allergic states. This is because it is a well-tolerated practice, not at all aggressive and invasive, but that, however, must be performed by highly qualified personnel. In my four Studies, located in three areas of Rome (Garbatella, Monteverde and Vigna Clara) and in Ostia, patients can benefit from the experience of a highly qualified multidisciplinary team, in which outstanding professionals such as Dr. Claudia Cerra stand out. and Dr. Elisabetta Carestia. This new natural method, in conclusion, offers numerous advantages in terms of both prevention and treatment: being, in fact, a deep wash based on simple hot water, which does not create any discomfort for the patient, allows to remove all toxins and all the stubborn faecal residues that are more and more frequent cause of urinary infections and inflammations.

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