Increase dialogue between banks and businesses



This is stated by Claudio Patalano, CEO of Patalano & Associati (P & A), a consulting firm specializing in banking and finance, which for years has been supporting the business world in development projects and not only

Dott. Patalano, knowing the functioning of the banks helps to create value also for entrepreneurs, often in trouble?

Today more than ever, it is necessary to raise the quality of the interlocution between bank and company, whose relationship can be an opportunity or a threat to both. The bank may refuse financial support if it does not include the company’s project and, conversely, the latter may not understand the bank’s need for risk management or not adequately meet its information expectations. Hence the triggering of a vicious circle that generates the default for the company, for the bad loans bank and for the company, loss of wealth / employment.

Is the need to raise the bank-business dialogue linked to financial discipline?

Yes. The bank’s risk management strategy is increasingly defined in the European supervisory rules. In the years spent in the inspection body of the Bank of Italy (1972) and subsequently in BNL for the management of the Affaire Atlanta (1990) and in the liquidation Sicilcassa (1998), I gained the conviction that those who have constant professional relationships with the Banks is in a privileged position, for knowledge and skills, in achieving an effective operational dialogue between bank and company.

What do you mean?

In the definition of problematic positions, “corporate homicides” should be avoided and defined as solutions with a high professional content. In this sense, the P & A has completed major restructuring of credit exposures of groups in default through the establishment of alternative real estate investment funds or loans, allowing the continuation of business ventures and the better protection of banks’ credit reasons. For this reason, P & A has always invested in specialist skills (Government & Control Systems, Private & Corporate Finance, Assessment, Turnaround), achieving reliable, often innovative solutions.

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By Roberta Imbimbo