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Corporate Welfare, incentivizing and supporting employees, reducing company costs

Nowadays companies are more and more attentive to the psychophysical wellbeing of their employees and to the containment of personnel costs. A constructive approach, which positively affects productivity levels and corporate involvement of human resources, improving the business climate and reducing the phenomenon of absenteeism. “The last two years have seen a growth in the spread of corporate welfare policies,” Daniele La Rocca, Labor Consultant of Rome, supports in no uncertain terms.

What is Corporate Welfare?

“It is an instrument available to employers that allows employees and their families to provide benefits and services related to the area of ​​health, education, social security and recreation. The benefits deriving from the activation of these policies are multiple and bilateral. Employees can benefit from a real increase in their disposable income, taking advantage of the tax exemption, while the company has the possibility of providing remuneration, both for incentives and for supporting the private life of the employee, without incurring further cost increases. , being such contributions exempt from contributions “.

What are its strengths from the La Rocca Studio?

“A strong experience, professionalism and a deep knowledge of the subject of work, are the hallmarks of a team able to offer qualified and reliable advice, and to build” tailor-made “welfare plans, based on the specific needs of the company and employees “.

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by Roberta Imbimbo