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A qualified and reliable consultancy in the civil law field and in the matter of Legislative Decree 231/2001

Decree 231/2001 regulates the administrative liability of institutions, that is to say the responsibility in which a juridical person can incur that can be called to answer for crimes, when committed by persons who perform functions of representation, administration or management, only in interest or advantage of the institution.

The responsibility of the company, however, is excluded if it demonstrates to have adopted and implemented a model of organization and management, suitable to prevent the crimes foreseen by the aforementioned decree.

The Law Firm Dell’Ali, born in 1970, today led by the lawyer Emanuele Dell’Ali, together with the lawyer Mariafrancesca Dattilo, with competence also in the banking-bankruptcy sector, in the law of contracts and responsibility, from the Rome office offers, in this specific matter, a qualified advice.

As highlighted by the lawyer Elisabetta Dattilo, “our Law Firm, in the course of time, has gained significant experience in consulting legal entities, in matters of corporate responsibility, in the preparation of the organization and management model, tailored to each company and suitable for prevent the offenses provided for by Legislative Decree 231/2001. To this end, the Firm has set up a multidisciplinary team, highly qualified in judicial and out-of-court matters, assisted by experienced professionals in quality and safety at work as well as by Chartered Accountants, suitable to provide comprehensive advice, both for civil and criminal law “.

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By Roberta Imbimbo