Luisstyle: an all-Italian excellence


Mido 2018: all the glasses of the new season

From the prototype on paper to the final product. Luisstyle is the new brand launched in 2012 by a young man, Luigi Aprea, who just graduating in Engineering, decides for a strange case of the fate of launching himself into a new challenge, that of creating models of prescription and sun glasses with unexceptionable design and original, taking care of all stages of the production process.

Dr. Aprea, his story is really incredible, can you tell us about it?

On the day of the dissertation I found a pair of broken glasses on the street. At first I did not pay much attention to the episode. But when in 2009 I was hired by an optical company, I thought inside of me that it was really a strange coincidence. So a few years later I decided to create my own brand.

The rise to success was really quick. What are the strengths of its brand?

The creation of aesthetically beautiful, indestructible and trend-setting accessories is the main reason for the rapid rise to success of our all-Italian brand which, over the last few years, has considerably expanded its authorized retailer fleet, consisting exclusively of optics which continuous technical assistance is provided (also through social channels). The Italian eyewear landscape has thus enriched itself with a young and dynamic company capable of launching on the market products with a cheeky and captivating style, quickly becoming the emblem of Italian fashion. A brand that today aims at internationalization and that during the international optics fair, Mido, which will be held in Milan on 24,25.26 February 2018, will be able to assert its notoriety by presenting the new exciting collection at the Hall n. from the name ETERNAL where the hippie style will be the master.

But his projects do not end here …

Exactly. The Calendar of the Brides is my innovative project that will involve 12 wives (2017-2018-2019), whose irresistible beauty will be immortalized by unique and original artistic shots, which will also highlight the emotions and passions of a woman who is about to take the step more important than his life. The meticulous selection will take place through a casting, which will be accessed only after online registration ( The chosen brides, in addition to being the undisputed protagonists of a photographic shoot of author, will benefit from a voucher of 1000 euros to spend during their honeymoon. All 300 participants will have access to a book of discounts and promotions from our partners to be used for their yes day. The project, purely Campania, will involve 12 breathtaking locations, ideal places for exclusive and refined weddings among natural wonders, suggestive settings and enchanting corners of paradise. Among the partners there are 12 ateliers, 12 photographers, 12 hair stylists, 12 make up artists, 6 floral decorators, 6 artisans specialized in wedding favors, 4 furnishing agencies, 4 car rentals, 3 travel agencies, 1 footwear brand and one of eyewear . In short, the Calendar of Brides is really an opportunity to seize on the fly for those who want to help make the wedding atmosphere magical and exciting, even participating in a truly unique project.


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by Roberta imbimbo