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The secret of the success of Caserta’s famous hair salon …

“The loss of a loved one is undoubtedly one of the most painful and difficult experiences life can put on a person’s path. A strong, profound and destabilizing experience that can leave an immense sense of emptiness and loneliness within us. And yet, even from the deepest pains, the courage to move forward can arise: the greatness of a man is measured by his ability to rise again after every fall! “. Thus began the exciting story of Mario Mosca, owner of the famous hair salon Mosca Hairdressers of Caserta who at a young age has lost his father Ado. “Only when we are able to truly accept what has happened, ceasing to consume tears and anger, and to rebel against the evidence, we are able to find within ourselves the necessary strength to continue living, dreaming and hoping. I found the strength to medicate a wound that seemed unbridgeable, in the desire to realize those dreams and projects so dear to my father, who always wanted a rosy future for all his children. And so the day on which the Moscow Hairdressers brand was born, I dedicated my victory to him! “.

Mario Mosca, after so much pain finally arrives the turning point, with the opening of his first hair studio. When was your passion for this profession born?

I inherited my passion for this job from my grandmother Amelia. I was eight years old when I grew aware of wanting to shape women’s heads. And so to refine my skills and to widen my horizons I began to travel the world. After years of training spent in Rome, London and Paris, I was forced to return to Caserta because of my father’s sudden death. A tragedy that has helped to strengthen my desire to succeed in life, calmly reprogramming my future and trying to realize my innermost dreams. On March 21st 2010 I finally got my revenge with the opening of the salon in Via Ferdinando Fuga, which, a few years later, followed that of the atelier in Via Acquaviva. The success was immediate: my linear and clean style started to immediately create a trend; a style always attentive to care and attention to small details to meet the needs of every single woman.

What is the secret of so successful?

The unconditional support of my wife Daniela, also known hairstylist, and of my three children who never stopped believing in me and encouraged me to realize my dream. And then the humility to get involved, the desire to want to improve to achieve increasingly important goals. Today I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that I have built a successful brand, much appreciated at the national level. Women come from everywhere to benefit from my experience and professionalism, thanks to which they are able to give cuts and colors that are always glamorous and exclusive, interpreting at best the concept of femininity, beauty and style that every customer seeks for himself .

How can you meet the needs of those who care about their appearance?

For every woman there is the perfect cut, an original and personalized hairlook that enhances the beauty of the face and reflects its personality. Regardless of the fashions of the moment, a great hairstylist must be able to identify the right styling to rebalance gleanings, roundness and proportions. My strong point is precisely that of being a great image consultant, able to play with imagination, to satisfy every request, from the most classic to the most trendy.

And let’s talk about a new project: “Moscow will take care of it”. What is it about?

Of a new television format, conceived by Alessia Porsenna of Big Bang Production, which will air on White TV (channel 100 of digital terrestrial). In the course of the program, in addition to revealing tricks and secrets for an always glamorous style, I will focus on analyzing the psychological aspects that lie behind the desire for a change of image. In the course of my professional experience, I was able to see that the request to change the look of the hair has a psychological value due to the desire to change something important in one’s life. And so in the transmission, you are aiming at everything, in addition to studying the look best suited to each protagonist, I will investigate the reasons behind the desire to transform your appearance!

In conclusion, what do you want for the future?

Now that I have reached the pinnacle of success, thinking back to how far I had to travel to get here, I can only enjoy the extraordinary results achieved. Wanting to ask one last thing for a very generous life, I would like to have several franchised salons, all over Italy, so that the “Mosca Parrucchieri” brand becomes more and more prestigious!

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by Roberta Imbimbo