Medical Pontino


A loyal, loyal and supportive company at the service of the patient

For almost forty years at the top of the field of laboratory medicine, imaging diagnostics and multi-specialist outpatient medicine, Medical pontino is an example of excellence in the national health scene that stands out for its high quality, l’reliability and completeness of the services offered. In almost forty years of its life, the Latina Diagnostic Centre has combined doing business with ethics, creating a new model of solidarity private health care.

by Roberta imbimbo

A perfect combination of technology and professionalism, entrepreneurship and ethics, thanks to which this virtuous reality has made the centrality of the patient its founding value. Not surprisingly – during the Conference entitled“European visions and territory for an inclusive and sustainable enterprise culture” held in the Mecchelli Hall of the Lazio Regional Council , under the patronage of the Region, Confindustria, of an industry, of the University La Sapienza of Rome and of the National Park of the circus, organized by the industrial consortium T-Tauri presidiato from Giuseppe Pastore – the structure has been rewarded“for having implemented a model of entrepreneurship faithful, loyal and supportive”. The event was attended by, among others, Mr. Antonio Tajani, MEP and speaker at’On. Giuseppe cangemi vice-president of Lazio Regional Council and doctor Damiano coletta Mayor of Latina. An important recognition, this, which rewards years of commitment to balance different objectives, common good, social ethics and sustainable development, as provided by the mission outlined by the CEO of the company, the engineer Elio Chiavetta, which has led the company since 1999 to ensure its role as a leader in medicine and ambulatory diagnostics.
oday, his son Gianni chiavetta, administrative director of Medical pontino, continues to carry forward his father’s business vision, combining business concepts and ethics, precisely because in the corporate mission it is strong and pressing the objective to return something tangible to the society that contributes to its growth and its development. Solidarity, cultural activities, and particular attention to the weaker groups with diagnostic packages offered at social prices“” which naturally complement the services provided in agreement with the National Health System. The keyword of this business model is“”’s responsibility towards the user and society. An obligation fulfilled by guaranteeing high-profile performance and increasing the social role of the company, strengthening its link with the territory having always regard to the centrality of the individual.

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