Obesity alarm – Relax Center of S. Salvatore Telesino, the excellence of a long-lasting rehabilitation protocol


Obesity is one of the main public health problems worldwide. The data released by the UN and FAO are truly alarming: 13% of the world population is overweight and this disease has more than doubled since 1980 to today. Lack of physical activity and improper diet are the main causes of a health emergency that, according to the World Health Organization, causes 3.4 million deaths every year due to diseases related to extra pounds. Dr. Roberta Caporaso, Nutritionist Biologist, Responsible for the rehabilitation and treatment of obesity at the Relax Center in San Salvatore Telesino, intervenes on the subject.

Dr. Caporaso, what are the risks associated with obesity?Obese people are at greater risk for the development of various disorders including metabolic diseases such as diabetes and lipid disorders, cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and heart attack, respiratory diseases, joint problems, gynecological disorders, digestive system. The presence of obesity also increases the risk of developing some cancers. Such comorbidities, which unfortunately only regress with the reduction of body weight, drastically decrease the life expectancy of patients, with a risk of death that increases with the increase in body mass index and abdominal circumference.What is the rehabilitation protocol of the Relax center?Obesity, a pathology characterized by a complex pathogenesis and a complex clinical picture, necessarily requires a multidisciplinary rehabilitative approach, the only one able to maintain results over time. The Relax Center, active in the field of rehabilitation for over 40 years, has a solid organizational structure and a multidisciplinary team composed of internist doctors, physiatrists, nutritionists, psychologists, physiotherapists and nurses. Our therapeutic-rehabilitative approach is aimed at integrating nutritional intervention – based on the Mediterranean diet – with a careful program of physical rehabilitation and physical reconditioning in the gym and in the pool. At the same time the patient undertakes an educational path within a real psychological therapy of a cognitive-behavioral nature. Over the years we have observed that the integrated training proposed by us makes it possible to quickly improve the cardiovascular, respiratory and motor system by increasing energy expenditure and significantly reducing body weight, especially in individuals under the age of 50 years.

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