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The importance of pediatric prevention

Prevention is increasingly an integral part of modern medicine, and dentistry has also taken this principle, giving great importance to this issue to avoid the emergence of more serious secondary complications. “The importance of dental prevention is maximum starting from the pediatric age, when it is necessary to intercept pathologies early to implement targeted interventions, capable of guiding the stomatognathic system towards a correct development”, assertlessly the doctor. Mauro Iorio, dentist expert in advanced oral surgery and dental implantology.

Dr. Iorio, when should you bring a child to the dentist for the first time?

The first visit should be performed when all the milk teeth are present in the mouth, then around 3 years. It is essential to check the state of dental health and the regularity of growth of the maxillary bones and to sensitize the parents to the correct procedures of oral hygiene and prevention of caries, in order to prevent more complex secondary problems. There are many diseases and dental abnormalities that can be diagnosed in time before the milk tooth is lost. For example, imperfect formation of tooth enamel is a developmental disease that involves significant qualitative changes in tooth enamel; a genetic-based disease that must be intercepted early in order to prevent the destruction of the dental elements.

How should we approach a small patient, even from a psychological point of view?

The dentist must never be identified as a professional figure related to pain or unpleasant and dramatic events, in order to fuel the onset of future phobias. With experience and professionalism, it is necessary to know how to overcome the initial distrust and fear of the little patient, preparing him for a friendly relationship and fruitful collaboration with his dentist in the years to come. In fact, starting from the first meeting, even in the absence of symptoms, periodic checks must be performed at least every 6 months, in order to safeguard the oral health status of the patient in the developmental age.

You are the owner of the Odontoflegrea brand and medical director of two dental centers. What are the strengths of the structures you direct?

Located in Quarto Flegreo and Monte di Procida, our dental centers are highly avant-garde. Equipped with a latest-generation digital radiology system as well as the most advanced dental instruments, and thanks to the help of various highly specialized and competent professionals, they are a point of excellence in the regional scene, able to maximize the “patient” satisfaction “, through high quality, safe and complete performance in the different branches of dentistry.

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