Professionalism, experience and quality at the customer’s service

Born in 2018 from the farsighted and passionate project of some experienced and visionary professionals – who have decided to put their know-how and experience at the service of the Italian entrepreneurial fabric – this young and dynamic reality is affirming its leadership in the business consulting market , thanks to a high quality service offered with competence and professionalism. Gabriele D’Aloisio, Sole Director of the company, explains how the partnership with Q Consulting can be strategic, allowing SMEs to achieve important market objectives.

by Roberta Imbimbo

Dr. D’Aloisio, what is Q Consulting’s mission?

With its operational headquarters in San Giorgio del Sannio and 10 direct employees (and many indirect professionals), today our company is able to brilliantly manage corporate projects of a certain importance: aware that in an increasingly competitive and articulated market every company needs specific methods, processes and ad hoc structures that allow it to bring out its potential, the primary objective of Q Consulting is therefore to support SMEs in achieving excellence, supporting them in the management of their models of business with highly qualified strategic consultancy. Thanks to its ability to create a competitive advantage in every context, it has therefore devised an innovative and certified business approach capable of supporting customers both in the development of new production projects and / or industrial products and in accessing public and private financing to enterprise. For companies, being able to collaborate with Q Consulting is therefore a great opportunity, not only to increase their efficiency and competitiveness, but also and above all to benefit from specific expertise in both technical and operational practice.

Therefore, Q Consulting offers SMEs a variety of services to encourage growth and innovation. Specifically, what kind of advice is it?

All-round advice, complete and customizable according to the specific needs of the client, offered by experts of undisputed professionalism to assist, for example, companies in the preparation and presentation of development and financing projects linked to European, national and regional calls; in the design and implementation of Management Systems relating to Company Quality – Environment – Ethical Safety and Organizational Model 231; in constant compliance with the regulations in force in the field of safety in the workplace (Legislative Decree 81/2008); in the request for NOSI Certifications (industrial safety clearance) and nevertheless in certified training and coaching for managers and workers.

In order to encourage and support the development of new entrepreneurial activities (and / or new industrial projects), in recent years there has been a proliferation of various subsidized finance tools. Why is the advice of experienced and competent professionals very important in this field?

Because it is a rather articulated and complex subject that requires continuous updates on the reference regulations. To obtain the granting of subsidized loans – which can be strategic to inject the liquidity necessary to support company growth and launch new innovation projects – it is necessary, in fact, to know perfectly the existence of these facilities, to know how to orient oneself among the numerous possibilities of subsidized finance, verify the actual possession of the necessary requisites to be able to benefit from these tools, process the presentation of the project by assisting the company in all the formal steps required, whose correctness is a necessary and essential condition for the success of the operation. In addition to regulatory complexity, excessive bureaucratization can represent a serious impediment: in our country, access to credit is one of the main obstacles to the development and growth of SMEs and startups, which need financial instruments and liquidity that make sustainable their growth plans. Q Consulting, with its highly qualified multidisciplinary team, is instead able to support companies along the entire path, with tailor-made consulting services, from the feasibility study to the preparation of the forms for submitting the application. With its skills and experience, values ​​in which it has always invested and which it makes available to companies to accompany their development projects, our company in recent years has achieved extraordinary results, developing many corporate innovation projects and obtaining many subsidized loans, with the sole objective of supporting and relaunching the entrepreneurial fabric.