Raffael, a timeless pleasure


Products based on chestnuts made with old family recipes for three generations

The territory of the province of Avellino, rich in wooded areas where nature reigns uncontaminated, has for centuries been particularly suited to the cultivation of chestnuts, a precious fruit today protected by the IGP trademark, particularly known for its nutritional and organoleptic characteristics, and for its versatility in the kitchen. In the green heart of this precious land, precisely in the municipality of Montoro, the Raffael company has been its main mission for the production of chestnut products for over 60 years. The Ingino family, which in the 1960s gave life to this solid and dynamic company today at the top of the market, has been dedicating itself with passion and professionalism to the creation and marketing of delicacies with an unmistakable taste and refined and refined design, like the Marrons Glacès, chestnut cream, syrup and liqueur chestnuts. Of the real gastronomic treasures scrupulously made with ancient and noble recipes, jealously guarded, and thanks to the aid of innovative methodologies and advanced techniques that maintain the flavors of the best local artisan tradition. “The quality of our products is guaranteed by rigorous and effective controls at every stage of the process, in order to excellently respect the quality standards required by modern distribution throughout Europe!”, Dr. says with emphasis. Aniello Ingino, today at the helm of a reality that thanks to its professionalism and reliability has obtained numerous awards also at international level.

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