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The secret of how a Marano salon has become a well-known hair studio

“Excite me to excite”. This is the philosophy of life of Ulderico Nasti, owner of the well-known hair studio Rico Hairdressers by Marano, a well-known hair-stylist from Campania able to live intensely every single emotion and then transmit it through his creations. Philosophy to which he has always remained faithful during his professional career, strongly believing that “the most beautiful creations are precisely those made with the heart”.

Ulderico, when did you realize that you would have been a hair-stylist when you grow up?

Since I was very young I have always been a creative, passionate about everything that is art and fashion. A passion so profound that led me to attend first one of the best hairdressing academies and then, once I graduated as a master of art, several internships in Italy and abroad. All of these experiences have allowed me to easily establish myself in a very competitive world and to make my salon an important point of reference in the hairstyling sector. A success that today repays me for a difficult period in my life. In the past, in fact, I was forced to close my first 300 square meter workshop due to a serious illness; nevertheless, I never tried to fight. And over time I found the strength to turn the page to reopen a new atelier in Marano, bringing back the Rico Hairdressers brand and becoming an international stylist for a well-known company in the sector.

What is the secret of so much success?

I believe that the secret of my success I owe to the satisfaction I feel in creating an emotion thanks to my method of cutting SCULPTED DRY CUT (in practice I can sculpt my hair by cutting them dry) and in being able to imagine in my eyes, even before to realize it, the femininity that is hidden in every woman. As Michelangelo claimed, “Each stone block has a statue within it and it is the sculptor’s job to discover it.” But to create something truly unique it is necessary to possess a great technical and stylistic knowledge. Today my method makes me unique in the sector and gives me the opportunity to create always unique and personalized looks.

How do you manage to meet the needs of those who care about their appearance?

I can do it simply by bringing out the true personality of every single woman: for me each is an entity in itself, full of emotion, strength, love and passion. Without them it would surely be a boring world. Today, fashion is expressed by women who rely on me, eager to be unique. As Coco Chanel said “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”, a thought that I fully share today and that pushes me away from a world, made of stereotypes, that wants us all the same.

Future goals?

I am always in continuous evolution and research, I always set myself new goals, but what I care most about is to pursue my philosophy.

For more info (www.ricoparrucchieri.com) (Phone: 0817429453)