Setacciò … the good that is healty!


Mrs. Immacolata reveals some secrets behind the success of these delicious cookies …

Honey, jam, extra virgin olive oil and cinnamon: simple and genuine ingredients, wisely used to churn out the very tasty Setacciò biscuits. Fragrant, fragrant, with an unmistakable taste, these small gastronomic treasures are born from the passion and determination of Mrs. Immacolata Rosiello, restaurateur for 30 years, owner of La Locanda del Borbone, a warm and welcoming family-run restaurant located in the village of San Leucio (CE). It is here that Immacolata has been making its unique biscuits for some years.

Immaculate, how were the biscuits born?

The cookies Setacciò are the fruit of my passion for sweets, for tradition and for well-being.

The desserts that arrive on our tables are full of butter, eggs and milk, the main causes of food intolerances and allergies. As a restaurateur I know the consequences of these intolerances, unfortunately very common today, and the attention of consumers to healthy and natural products. My kitchen gives a nod to the typical local tradition, and that is why, recovering ancient confectionery recipes of the territory, I learned that the desserts of the past were made without products of animal origin. Thus, armed with a sieve, hands in dough and happiness in my heart, mixing and dosing the ingredients wisely, I gave life to the Setacciò.

Pan di Seta is the family brand, ancient bakers, under which it sells its biscuits, what was the path?

I have been selling Setacciò for 10 years in my restaurant, after which the request has increased a lot with an increasingly positive response, so I decided to formalize and certify the production of my beloved biscuits. I registered the trademark and nutritional tables at the ASL. Then we dedicated ourselves to packaging, we made a 400g sealed box, brown and ivory with a fabric texture that recalls the textile tradition of our territory. Soon the cookies can also be purchased online.

Now let’s talk about the ingredients you use and the different flavors available.

The products I use are organic and artisanal. Honey and jam are homemade. The secret lies in the dough I rigorously make by hand using sifted flour and hot water. The six variants include chocolate and almonds or hazelnuts or pistachio, chocolate and cherries or sour cherries or just chocolate, as long as dark. The peculiarity of these cookies is that the more time passes the more they become tasty and crumbly. Ah, I forgot the main ingredient: a big dose of love!

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