SIVIS GROUP Security & Facility Management services at the time of Covid 19


Security & Facility Management services at the time of Covid 19
Professionalism, competence and reliability: these are the distinctive features of Sivis Limited Liability Consortium Company, a company with a lean and dynamic organization that has affirmed its leadership in the Security and Facility Management market, launching high quality, guaranteed services on the market. by highly specialized personnel. Giorgio Gaglio, Chairman of the Board of Directors, formerly Corporate Jurist and Head of Legal Affairs and Litigation of the Gemeaz Cusin / Ticket Restaurant Group, illustrates the strengths of the company. After having dealt with legal issues for 15 years in 2003 he was entrusted with the responsibility of the Internal Auditing Department and since 2008 also of the Risk & Credit Management Department of the French multinational Accor Group for hotel networks in Italy, Greece and Israel.

by Roberta Imbimbo

Dr. Gaglio, can you tell us the story of Sivis?
Born in 2012 from the forward-looking and passionate project of two young Italian entrepreneurs – Mattia Maldera, Security Manager with many years of experience in Corporate Protection and Personal Security Services and Davide Pecorelli, former member of the Carabinieri, decorated with medals and awards for the service status – this young and dynamic reality, which now constitutes a corporate group composed of n. 300 collaborators, deals with surveillance and security services with great competence, making the latest generation technologies available to its customers. Today this all-Italian brand boasts among its customers prominent names, to which it is able to provide all the most innovative and reliable answers in the security sector: a 360-degree offer guaranteed by the synergy of the new different divisions that integrate and support the general organization of the Group throughout the national territory.
What are your strengths compared to competitors?
First of all, the unarmed trust services carried out by qualified, professional and discreet personnel, in order to quickly offer a safe and targeted intervention in terms of prevention and safety. With the awareness of carrying out a delicate job on a daily basis that interferes with the private sphere of people, and which therefore implies also moral responsibilities, our company aims to respond to customer expectations with the quality of its services. The primary objective is in fact to satisfy an increasingly demanding clientele of high quality standards, with a complete and competitive range of services, and with the ability to manage the growing complexity of the sector thanks to a long operating experience.
In this period of historical emergency, how has your way of working changed?
Fortunately, Sivis was able to react promptly to a health emergency (Covid-19) unprecedented in the history of humanity which, like all epochal events, opens up new scenarios made up of risks but also of opportunities. In this period, following the tightening of health checks, the demand for trust services has increased dramatically; and Sivis, thanks also to its agile and lean organization, has been able to brilliantly manage this surge in demand, managing to be operational quickly and discreetly, especially in the field of health safety! It is no coincidence that the management group has decided to further enhance this sector, accelerating the preparation of best practices for the future and investing in cutting-edge technological systems that are not exclusively linked to human intervention.