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The use of acupuncture in dentistry

Technological progress and the constant development of less invasive and aggressive surgical techniques for the patient have made it possible to achieve extraordinary goals even in the field of dental dentistry. The dental practice of Vito and Rosa Casella of Ercolano offers its patients excellent results even in difficult situations; thanks to the latest generation instrumentation used in every treatment, this highly qualified specialist is able, in fact, to pursue high quality standards with the utmost professionalism.

Dr. Vito Casella, what are the peculiarities of his dental practice?

Passion, professionalism and transparency: these are the distinctive features of a study that aspires to be identified as an example of Italian excellence. An important reality in the field of dentistry born from the desire to realize a precise dream: to give everyone a beautiful and healthy smile, with accessible care and certified quality. Strong of cutting-edge technologies and of the latest generation, it is able to offer effective, safe and complete performances in the different branches of dentistry; a wide range of therapies, strictly customized to the specific clinical needs of each patient.

How important is today to have a technologically advanced studio?

Very very much! Today, entering a dental practice for a patient is a completely different experience than in the past. Thanks to increasingly advanced technologies and instruments that reduce human error, the therapies have become faster and more secure; and the dentist, working with greater precision, is able to guarantee performance not only less painful but above all impeccable.

Speaking of cutting-edge methods, she is the only one to anesthetize patients not with traditional pharmacological treatments but using acupuncture. What benefits does this method offer?

For some time now, it has also become part of the western complementary medicine, acupuncture is very valid for analgesia, relaxation of the muscles and sedation (the patient can undergo any intervention remaining awake and without having assimilated chemical substances). This is important, for example, for allergy sufferers, for the elderly with compromised liver or kidneys and for those who do not tolerate the consequences of pharmacological anesthesia. Acupuncture offers many advantages, including a post-operative recovery much faster than a chemical anesthesia, provided that it is performed by qualified doctors and specialized in this branch of medicine.

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