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Naples, Fisciano, Milan and Messina: many university seats ended up under accusation by many young, aspiring freshmen, who have reported numerous irregularities in the last admission test to the Faculty of Medicine 2017. And what time, not having achieved the result useful to be registered, they promise judicial battle. The case was entrusted to Avv. Pasquale Marotta, owner of the prestigious law firm of Caserta, an expert in administrative law, who for 25 years offers its clients judicial and extrajudicial consultancy at the highest level. Use of telephones and other computer media in the classroom during the test; use of reserve pens to continue the test beyond the conclusion of the same; violation of anonymity during the test: some of these irregularities were even filmed by amateur photos and videos, now under scrutiny by the Lazio TAR. The violation of art. 4 of the law n. 264/99, according to which admission to the degree course in medicine is arranged “after passing the appropriate tests of general culture, on the basis of upper secondary school programs”. However, the presence of 20 questions of logic, a subject that certainly does not fall within the programs of the various high schools, has affected the result of the students’ test. Finally, the appeal refers to the ambiguity and the unpublished nature of some questions, already published in various manuals for exam preparation. For all the 450 applicants, Studio Marotta asks for the supernumerary enrollment.

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by Roberta Imbimbo