Supervisum, excellence at the service of businesses 4.0


An effective consultancy also for small and medium-sized enterprises that want to seize opportunities related to digital transformation.

The fourth industrial revolution also began in Italy, where companies need to be increasingly digital and interconnected, and the world of production is undergoing a profound change thanks to the integration of smart technologies into industrial manufacturing processes. In a rapidly changing scenario, in which companies of any size are called to reorganize the processes and seek optimization of resources and market effectiveness, Supervisum aims to provide technical and professional R & D services to businesses wishing to innovate processes, production assets, products and the same business logic. Relying on the expertise of a network of proven professionals capable of conducting innovation projects in the most diverse product sectors, each company will have a partner at its side that, without requiring an initial investment, accompanies it in the development project, repaying only for the benefit obtained .

“The Internet of Things (IoT), is not a vague formula, but for example applied to the use of cold storage, thanks to a particular calibration of temperatures, has allowed one of our customers to bring the waste from 10% to zero of processing, then patented system! “Ninni De Santis, founder of the company based in Rome, Milan, Naples and headed by Benevento, emphatically asserts.

Which is the Supervisum mission?

Our primary objective is to guide companies in the delicate path of digital transformation, an extraordinary opportunity full of potential. Our clients have invested in smart technologies, receiving enormous benefits both in economic and fiscal terms: an increase in revenues, a significant reduction in operating costs, a better customer experience, a greater ability to make decisions and, more in general, a greater increase in production efficiency.

What are your strengths?

The ability to combine skills in the field of technology with a profound knowledge of business life. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs for three generations, I speak their own language and fully understand their needs, so as to be able to direct their choices both in the implementation phase of R & D projects, both in patenting and access to the tax benefits of the search bonus. Our ability is to be able to offer tailor-made consultancy functional to the business development project.


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