That sudden pain that forces us to take off our shoes!


How to recover from Morton’s Neuroma …

Morton’s disease is a neuralgic inflammation that affects the interdigital sensory nerve of the foot. Generally the patient suffering from this pathology feels pain, burning accompanied by small electric shocks, tingling, numbness and the immediate desire to take off his shoes. To illustrate the latest therapies in the treatment of this disease is Dr. Alessandro Caprio, Orthopedic Surgeon of Rome.

Dr. Caprio, how is Morton’s Neuroma treated today?The treatment strategy of this pathology, now diagnosed more and more often thanks to the diffusion of the ultrasound, is different according to its stage of evolution. The use of orthotics and physiotherapy can be effective in the early stages. However, when conservative treatments are no longer suitable for giving relief to the patient, surgery is generally recommended, which eliminates the disturbances but has a high rate of recurrence.

As an alternative to surgery, for years she has promoted a revolutionary treatment with the use of radiofrequency! What is it about?

This is a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure that is easy to perform and does not present any particular complications and is effective in 70-80% of cases. Under ultrasound guidance we reach the digital nerve with a simple needle, through which we pass a particular type of pulsed current that destroys the nerve fibers responsible for metatarsalgic pain. After a few minutes the patient can return to his normal daily activities.

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