The first Digital Postal Address


IDPOSTBOX: a highly innovative Start-Up created by NV Group, an entirely Italian excellence

IDPOSTBOX is a highly innovative Start-Up, born in 2017 from the happy intuition of Enrico Orrù, former founder of NV Group, an important company in Cagliari.

Dr. Enrico Orrù, what is IDPOSTBOX?

It is the first digital platform for centralized management of users thanks to the use of a unique digital post address. Through a simple access to the Internet, the platform allows you to view the invoices and reminders received at the email address, and to access a series of additional features available on your dashboard such as: payments by POS and Pago PA, verification of their consumption, configuration alert for payment deadlines and in case of consumption anomalies. Companies, on the other hand, receive tangible evidence that the bills have actually been paid.

What are its strengths?

IDPOSTBOX is a unique reality because every legal or physical subject, thanks to a single access to the platform, will have only one place to see, check, pay and keep their invoices. Each person receives an average of 29 invoices per year, with a commission expense and management that exceeds 50 euros: with IDPOSTBOX this will end, with an economic advantage as well as time and comfort. The NV Group of Cagliari, which founded IDPOST srl, guarantees its quality with the strength that comes from the annual management of sending about 17 million documents, a large customer portfolio and above all with the quality of the services offered by a competent and professional management.

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By Roberta Imbimbo